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Help me with 5mo biting ds. How can we get through this?

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MamaChris Thu 24-Jul-08 17:12:30

5.5mo ds has had two bottom teeth for about 2 weeks, and just the last couple of days has started biting me - hard - at the start or end of a feed (fine when milk flowing, just when he's impatient for a let down or when he's had enough). It really hurts!

I've tried saying no firmly, taking him off the breast and ignoring him for about 30 secs. He gets upset but it doesn't stop him biting next time. Any other tips? Or do I just keep doing this, and, if so, how long will it take for him to make the connection?

Thing is, I am now nervous every time I go to feed him. This (I think) inhibits my let down, making him more likely to bite = vicious circle. Is there any way I can encourage the let down to lessen the time in which he'll bite?

Sorry for the long post. DP never wanted me to bf beyond 6 months, so is now saying "well, you've done really well to get this far, but you can't go on like this". So I feel like I am battling against DP and DS. This feels like it could be the end of bf but I really really don't want to stop yet <wail>

MarsLady Thu 24-Jul-08 17:41:45

Keep on with what you're doing gorgeous (and tell DP I said so). It will pass. You're doing the right thing. Just be sure to take him off every time he bites. Soon he'll work out that it's not the best way to get milk. They all seem to go through this when they get teeth, mine certainly did but soon stopped.

You're doing brilliantly. I think you might need to talk to DP about why she doesn't want you to continue beyond 6 months. The health benefits for DS are still relevant and valid. As he moves on to solids he'll begin to breastfeed less anyway but he will still reap the benefits of bfing and of course it is good for you both. smile

btw.. I started a thread for you moons ago which said THANK YOU! smile

MamaChris Thu 24-Jul-08 21:14:11

Thanks Mars, it's reassuring to know it will pass (are you clever enough to know how soon?!?).

DP's feelings are based on "well I wouldn't bf if it were me" and not wanting to share "her" breasts with ds. I have to remind her they're mine to do with as I will

Didn't see that thread, but the "thank you"s are all ours

MarsLady Fri 25-Jul-08 02:08:15

Sadly I can't say how long it will last but you do need to be consistent.

As to DP... tsk tsk! They're your breasts and I think one day she may realise exactly why you want to continue breastfeeding. You keep on my lovely. You're going great guns. Besides, your DP needs to recognise that breasts for breastfeeding are one thing and when it's your time with her they are for another. Lovely dual purpose theregrin

becklespeckle Fri 25-Jul-08 02:22:12

Same as Mars said! DD got bottom teeth at 4 months and bit mainly when the flow was slow and when she was full (or made to jump by her brothers, bite and pull off!). I think it only took a week or 2 for her to stop doing this and I also think my nipples have toughened up even more! She is now 6.5 months and has a top tooth too but now very rarely bites unless the flow is particularly slow as she knows it triggers let down!

If you really don't want to stop yet then don't, DS will get bored of his food being interrupted soon enough.

Not much advice for you with your DP though, DH says things like "you've done really well..." too but knows better than to think that I listen to him... Seriously though, this is such a short time in your life that you are loaning your breasts to your son, DP will have them for much longer overall!

MamaChris Sun 27-Jul-08 21:54:54

we have had no biting today, so it looks like he's learnt fast thanks so much for the reassurance, it helped get us through this blip, I tend to panic when things go a little bit wrong!

Also spoke to DP, and she's said although she still doesn't want to share, she understands bf more now than at the start and is quite proud that ds is bf

becklespeckle Sun 27-Jul-08 22:33:56

Glad he is not biting today and that DP is being understanding too! My DH is also now quite proud that DD is BF I think although is looking forward to having my boobs back to himself in a few months!

MarsLady Mon 28-Jul-08 23:17:26

Excellent! grin

Greedygirl Tue 29-Jul-08 12:59:30

I had little Gnasher too and I didn't know it I could keep going but it passed within a day or too. He tends to nip when he has cut a new tooth, testing them out! Hasn't done it in ages tho. Glad your blip seems to be over. I never thought beyond the first 6 months and so my DH was a bit hmm when I continued breast-feeding. I think he thought that I was doing it for my own benefit because I enjoyed the closeness etc but I explained about the nutritional value etc and just carried on. I was always a bit apologetic about breast-feeding but have become more and more bolshie as time has gone on!

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