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Very active 7mo breastfed baby too busy to feed

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claireybee Wed 23-Jul-08 18:03:11

DS is now crawling, pulling himself up, cruising a bit and trying to climb.

Problem is, with all this to be getting on with he doesn't want to sit/lie still enough to feed. He bobs on and off constantly, goes for a crawl then comes back, often not waiting long enough for the let down before he's off again.

I am sure this is part of the reason why he is still up a gazillion times a night because he does still seem to take at least 4 good feeds through the night (and a couple more small ones <sigh>).. Solid intake is good but he doesn't have any other drinks-just plays with his cup and isn't interested in taking a bottle.

So far we have had limited success with a few contortionist positions for example him sitting up facing me on my lap, me lying on my back on the floor and him standing up over me, me sat on sofa with him stood on floor between my legs etc. None of these are particularly comfortable though.

Can anyone suggest any others to add to our repertoire? And please tell me this is just a phase and he will go back to feeding properly soon-I seem to send most of the day with my boob hanging out waiting for him to decide whether or not he is going to feed.

nobodytoldme Wed 23-Jul-08 21:56:53

My ds is the same, been distracted since about 5 mo (he is 9mo now) but in the last month he has started to enjoy his milk more. I think he has realised that despite the big world to be explored a cuddle is nice every now and then.
Trouble is I now want him to wean during the day before I go back to work so I have to figure out how to stop him grabbing my boob when he feels like it blush

Dawnie6577 Wed 23-Jul-08 21:59:40

you could try a feeding 'necklace' - this might distract him long enough to get some milk down him, so to speak! wink

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