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Just wondering.....why are my norks the same size as each other?

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KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 19:59:21

...given that i am only BF with one of them???

I am trying ( very feebly) to wean DS2. For reasons known only to himself, he has decided to stop feeding on one side and just stuck to his favourite.

So why are both my norks still the same size? Why hasn't one shriveled to the deflated balloon I was promised? Does this mean i can keep them as they are after he is weaned? [ hopeful emoticon]

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:02:29

I have only kept Bf this long as i was scared what would happen when i stopped wink

TheOldestCat Tue 22-Jul-08 21:06:13

Um, no expert on this. but just wanted to reassure you that although mine did get much smaller after I stopped BF, after a few months of getting my periods back they are nearly back to their former 'glory'. Ahem.

It's different for everyone, but don't worry too much about what they'll be like.

cmotdibbler Tue 22-Jul-08 21:07:16

I stopped bfing 2 months ago, and my norks are the same size as they were in October - at which point I was coming up to 18 months of bfing. Certainly no deflated balloon here

Jackstini Tue 22-Jul-08 21:07:52

How long have you been bf? If fairly well established and only down to 1 feed a day anyway you 9hopefully!) won't see much difference

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:09:40

oh goody, i thought the deflated balloons were almost inevitable

i knwo i am being very shallow to worry about them but i thought if i could keep them they would divert attention from my flabby middle blush

Twiglett Tue 22-Jul-08 21:10:48

my boobs are still glorious grin

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:10:56

jackstini....ahem.... more than 4 years blush

that's two different children though

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:12:19

yeah twiglett, but according to your profile you dont have kids wink

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:13:34

oh but jackstini, i am NOT down to one feed a day. thats one of the reasons i woudl quite like him to wean, he is a greedy pig

Jackstini Tue 22-Jul-08 21:14:36

You should be fine then and stay norkariffic
<and jackstini bows down to fab bf-ing>>
I thought I might end up going straight from one to the other but dd (2.4) seems to have weaned herself off this last week or so and next one not due til December...

Twiglett Tue 22-Jul-08 21:14:56

so what were those things hanging off my boobs foralmost a year and a half grin

Jackstini Tue 22-Jul-08 21:15:22

You must have very tasty milk grin

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:19:47

twiglett - your sex life is none of my business

this is a bf thread grin

KristinaM Tue 22-Jul-08 21:31:22

theoldestcat - unfortunatly I have already got my periods back. which is how we got DS2 blush. one AF and then i was up the duff. without BD as well ( at least, not that i remember)

TheOldestCat Wed 23-Jul-08 08:52:38

Oh right! Ah well, i reckon you'll stay undeflated (is that a word?).

KristinaM Mon 25-Aug-08 12:59:28

well I'm not doing very well with the weaning [ feeble emoticon]. Ds still feeding lots of times a day ( and several times a night) but just from one side. Does anyone know if this is normal?

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