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6 mo DS off his milk

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Naetha Tue 22-Jul-08 19:15:44

DS was breastfed until 8 weeks, then given EBM until 16 weeks and he's been on formula with the odd top up off frozen EBM since then. We started on solids at nearly 5 months, and went straight away to 3 meals a day (he wouldn't have it any other way). Since 6 months he's moved onto finger foods and will eat anything that comes anywhere near his mouth.

However in the last three weeks his milk intake has gradually declined. After he settled on 3 solid meals a day his milk intake settled at 6oz four times a day, usually 8am, 2pm, 7pm and about 3am, but today has been an all time low - he had 2oz at 8am, 3oz at 4pm (as he wasn't interested at 2pm) and 2oz just now. He takes the milk he wants, then arches his back or dribbles it out again. He'll happily suck on a dummy, so there's no problem with sucking. He won't take more than a couple of sips out of his training cup though, so I am a little worried about his fluid intake. His nappies were ok at first, but over the last few days have been very light.

Any suggestions? Is this just a phase they go through at this age? Despite the fact that his usual milk has changed (Farley's to Heinz) I managed to get some Farley's tins from the co-op so there's no change there - I've tried different bottles and different teats and tried the milk warm and cold, but no difference there either.

He's a bit chesty, but otherwise fairly happy in himself, just not interested in any fluid intake.

Any ideas?

cafebistro Wed 23-Jul-08 14:25:26

Hi, didnt want your thread to go unanswered. Sorry im no expert. Is your ds 6 months?
If he is refusing milk but eating his solids i would think that maybe he's losing his appetite for the milk because his solids have been incresed too quickly. Im not sure what the recommended amount of formula a day is. Could you talk to your health visitor about it and find out how much formula he needs and then work his solids around that? Difficult I know...sorry i couldnt be more help!

Naetha Wed 23-Jul-08 15:13:49

Yeah guess I should talk to my HV - just thought someone on here would have some first hand experience!

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