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Breastfeeding extremely distractible and fidgetty 7month old

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bumbleweed Mon 21-Jul-08 21:21:37

I plan to feed my 7 month old ds for at least a year. Its getting really difficult, and I just wondered if anyone else had been through this and got thro the other side or found anything that helps.

Ds is basically uber-distractible and getting worse. He now will not feed when we are out and in the house will only feed if I take upstairs to a quiet darkened room. He breaks off the boob even if hungry and tired for the slightest noise or even just suddenly stand up or bite the head-board or scratch my bra. He flaps his arms and goes hyper sometimes wacking me in the face and nipping my arms.

He never cuddles in to my arms when sitting or standing up. He is always pulling away to look round. Because he doesnt feed enough during the day he wakes every 2 hours in the night to feed. I am knackered.

He cant go to sleep on his own, he only goes to sleep at the breast or in the pushchair. Because I cant be out in the pushchair all the time as I have a 2 year old as well, and he wont settle on the boob he isnt napping properly during the day and is getting over-tired and worse.

I dont know why he is so wired or how to calm him down. Anyone any experience of similar? Its making me and him and my daughter all miserable.

The only advice from GP and HV is get more food into him. I didnt start solids till 26wks and we are taking it at his own pace rather than shovelling it in. THey seem to think we have weaned him too late and missed a window of opportunity and also that we should leave him to cry to learn to self-settle.

zwiggy Mon 21-Jul-08 21:27:54

oh god, I am having exactly the same at 6 months. Just posted another thread to ask advice. Bloody knackering isn't it? I can't leave him to cry at all. Do you think it will go on forever? Im thinking a Malcolm and Mrs Merton scenario

bearmama Mon 21-Jul-08 21:28:33

Sympathy to you. DD has periods like this but that is because she is snacking/seeking comfort rather than really hungry. Plus she only 4 months but having read other threads I would ask if he is gaining weight ok?

If so see if he will take a dummy rather than a feed, the aim being to go longer without feeding so that he is less distracted when he does.

I am not an expert at all but sure someone will come along who is more knowledgeable soon. smile

bumbleweed Mon 21-Jul-08 21:39:37

Thanks for replying.

DD was a bit annoying with her feeding at one stage but I dont remember it being anywhere near this bad. Plus I didnt have a toddler to look after at the same time!

I cant do leaving to cry. I have tried a bit of crying in arms.

lisad123 Mon 21-Jul-08 22:18:58

I posted the same thing when DD2 was 7 months too. Do you have a feeding necklace? Helps a little.
I tried to do the first BF, upstairs and last feed is always upstairs. She still isnt great during the day, but a little better.


gigglewitch Mon 21-Jul-08 22:21:23

just came to say that they all get fidgety at that age - sorry, I mustn't generalise tooooo much, but all of mine did and many of my friends dc.
WAs gonna suggest a BF necklace, lisa got here first - but I definitely recommend them wink

gigglewitch Mon 21-Jul-08 22:23:36

have a looksmile

lisad123 Mon 21-Jul-08 22:25:31

I have one that another MNetter sent me, your welcome to that.

gigglewitch Mon 21-Jul-08 22:29:21

if lisa's lovely necklace idea doesn't work, maybe baby-straightjacket? grin

bumbleweed Mon 21-Jul-08 22:30:01

thanks will look at getting one

yes please lisa that would be great if you are finished with it

lisad123 Mon 21-Jul-08 23:08:38

send me your address please minx101 at hotmail dot com

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