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Remedies for windy breast fed baby

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Minkus Mon 21-Jul-08 10:28:07

DS2 is 18 days old and unlike my first son, is a really windy (and thereore sicky) baby. I'm after some hints and tips on how to deal with it as he's obviously in a fair amount of discomfort and even though he is not my first child he might as well be as I haven't a clue how to deal with it!

He latches on well
Is a fairly fast feeder (has his fill in about 5 minutes)
Feeds about every 2-3 hours
Likes to comfort suck (have tried introducing a dummy so he doesn't get too much milk when he's just sucking for comfort but he wasn't keen on it)
When he's sick it doesn't bother him (so I don't think it's reflux, thought this was quite acidy and likely to hurt?)
Gets blue/grey nose and mouth when wind is trapped in his tum, he also pants and gets "windy eyes" (they roll around a lot like REM sleep!)
"Growls" trying to get rid of it (this keeps dh and I awake from about 4am each morning )
We have been using infacol since yesterday morning
Will be trying some tummy massage soon but his umbilical cord stump is still attached so will wait for that to come off.

Sometimes the wind seems to come from nowhere- he'll feed, I'll manage to get a couple of little burps out of him and there will be no obvious signs of wind, but then an hour later his nose will be grey and he'll be growling and pulling his legs up.

Babies are so confusing!

Any thoughts/ideas mnetters? Any old wives tales/home remedies/tricks welcomed!

youngbutnotdumb Mon 21-Jul-08 10:34:50

My DS was a FF but a windy and sicky baby and one of the things that I found worked well was to elevate the top of his moses basket so he wasnt laying flat with it afterwards. We also had to change bottles and formula but that's not relevant LOL.

talilac Mon 21-Jul-08 10:35:04

Sounds a lot like my DD in her early weeks! These were my favourite resources at the time:
here and here

tiktok Mon 21-Jul-08 10:36:51

OK - I have never ever believed the 'blue mouth' connection with wind (though the 'grey nose' thing is new to me). How would air in the stomach translate as colouration on the face? There is no possible physiological link - unless anyone can convince me differently

Babies swallow air when they feed, when they cry, when they breathe. Panting and growling and pulling legs up is what babies do - unless they are in distress and obvious pain, then I don't think it needs treating or even worrying about. Your baby would cry if it bothered him, Minkus. Maybe the growling and legs coming up is a normal and natural 'method' of making himself less full of wind, I don't know - but all babies make odd noises!

He sounds normal and healthy.

youngbutnotdumb Mon 21-Jul-08 10:37:47

Gripe water is also good I used iut instead of infacol and found it better. Just read the growly thing DS used to do that too. Massage is good there is a rainbow massage which worked great!

Really easy literally just lay ur hand on his tummy and rotate ur wrist to make an ark with ur fingers and repeat from other side with other hand IYKWIM.

ConnorTraceptive Mon 21-Jul-08 10:49:23

Oh god ds2 use to do the growling thing from 4am onwards too! It was weird because he was fast asleep and obviously not bothered. The only problem was it kept us awake.

I took ds2 to see an osteopath (on an unrelated matter) and mentioned the wind/growling. She did a bit of work in that area and I have to admit he never did the growling thing again - coincidence? Maybe but I was really glad when it stopped.

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