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7 month old - struggling to get her to drink 15oz

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follygirl Sun 06-Feb-05 19:58:14

My dd is 7 months old. Up until she got a cold a week or so ago she would happily drink 3 bottles of 7oz and eat her food. Since the cold it has been a real struggle getting her to drink her milk. She won't even drink her bottle in the morning despite the fact she won't have eaten for 13 hours. An hour after her bottle she has breakfast, then lunch at 1130. She used to have her second bottle at 1430 but now won't take it until 1600 sometimes. She has supper at 1730 and then a bottle before bed. I have tried the number 3 teats which hasn't made a difference. She doesn't seem to have a blocked nose so I don't know why she won't drink her milk. She's barely having 13oz most days. I'm really worried as it's been going on for a week. Any ideas?

hermykne Sun 06-Feb-05 20:00:22

no i'm sorry i dont but she will come round and so will the advice here

crazy Sun 06-Feb-05 20:05:52

This often happens with babies after illnesses. Whilst your dd had her cold she will have found it really hard to suck and swallow. Even though she looks better, she will still probably have the association of the bottle causing discomfort.

Just keep offering her the bottle at her normal feed times, and allow her to take as much as she wants, it will gradually pick up, but in the meantime, offer her extra yoghurts and milky cereal and cheese etc.

Don't worry it won't do her any harm for a short while they know what they need.

TracyK Sun 06-Feb-05 20:07:32

she's maybe still feeling poorly - or teething - she'll be fine - just give her yoghurt/cheese etc to bump up her calcium intake.
There's always something to worry about - too much milk=not enough solids, not enough milk=not enough calcium etc etc. They usually swing in roundabouts, eating like little horses one week, picking like sparrows the next.

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