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Boob ----> Cup - how to?

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Kiwicath Sun 06-Feb-05 10:15:56

I'm nearly 3 months pregnant and my nearly 14 month old is still breastfeeding X4 per day. We are both very happy but I really do want/need a rest before beginning again with #2. He drinks water from a beaker like there's no tomorrow but when I sneak some formula in there he tosses it aside like I'm trying to poison him. He loves his yogurts, cheeses, cheesy sauces, tahina and sesame breadsticks so is it the end of the world if he won't take straight milk. If so, any tips. I'm thinking I might have to go cold turkey. Want him to be weaned from me in my 5th month. He's never had a bottle and don't really want to start now.

Frizbe Sun 06-Feb-05 10:26:50

interisting question, I weaned dd onto formula earlier than this, so will pass on my friends experience instead, as she's recently weened her 14mth old, she reduced his boob feeds over a few weeks, until she got down to just the last one at night, her ds also hates formula or milk, so she sneaks it in elswhere instead, porridge, the old 18% calcium petit filous, mashed potato, cheese etc, they only need 0.5pt a day, so this way hits the target!

Interestingly my dd has only just started drinking milk out of a beaker, after I forced her to! (rotten mum! but I was worried about the teeth bottle thing, so just gave her a beaker one morning instead, and an earlier beaker at bedtime and after a week or so, she gave up holding out and drank it!)

Kiwicath Sun 06-Feb-05 11:02:40

Thanks Frizbe. I kind of hoped he'd give me up before this stage. I'll try cutting back starting from .... tomorrow . How crazy it this? I want to finish up but don't. I've given him a brilliant start but still feel a tad mean. I've sort of got myself in a pickle as well because his lunch time boob is before his nap which winds him down wonderfully and he's all floppy and begging for his bed. Preddy sure he will take offence at being popped into bed without it. Night times no worries though thank goodness.

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