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Is it possible for babt to completely empty your boob?

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rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 22:11:37

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Fri 04-Feb-05 22:13:51

No, boobs are never empty. They refill as the baby drinks.

I sometimes get weird shooting pains, separate from let-down pain. Maybe more on days when the baby's feeding more?

beansprout Fri 04-Feb-05 22:14:55

I get those pains too.

Is there always milk there then? Ds is very hungry today and I think I have run out, but have I got that wrong?

NotQuiteCockney Fri 04-Feb-05 22:21:44

You can't run out! The reservoirs can be more or less empty, but you can't run out!

I certainly find that if DS2 has a greedy day, I have scary Jordan boobs soon afterwards, as my body just makes more and more milk.

Seriously, the reservoirs are more empty or full at different times (more full in the mornings, generally, for me), but they're never actually really empty - more's going in, all the time.

rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 22:24:16

Message withdrawn

beansprout Fri 04-Feb-05 22:24:40

So ds can never go hungry cos I haven't got enough milk? Sorry to be dense here, but tonight is one of those nights that I need reassuring!

rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 22:26:49

Message withdrawn

rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 22:34:02

Message withdrawn

soapbox Fri 04-Feb-05 22:36:59

Rickman - he's grown a lot since I saw him. What a beat he is!

Hope all is well with you and the kids


beansprout Fri 04-Feb-05 22:37:16

Aw, Rickman, he is flippin' gorgeous!! I'm afraid I haven't got a pic I can post, but thanks for that, he really is lovely!

rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 22:38:38

Message withdrawn

soapbox Fri 04-Feb-05 22:39:03

Cutey that should have said - hzrd to see how I know but that's what I meant to type

Aero Fri 04-Feb-05 22:50:33

Have just seen this Rickman and ds2 is just gorgeous. Must meet up for coffee soon - sorry for hijack, but just had to comment on that scrummy baby of yours.

rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 22:52:31

Message withdrawn

Aero Fri 04-Feb-05 23:02:44

Would have loved to but alas we're off to N Ireland to visit my parents for the week. Easter's not too far off though for a meet-up with the kids. And I'm around in between if you fancy a coffee.

collision Fri 04-Feb-05 23:13:03

Just to add that the more you feed the more milk you have so def dont start weaning yet. My HV said that I should sit and have a drink and snack when I feed ds. It does help if you drink but I dont think it makes more milk IYSWIM and you def cant run out of milk.

tiktok Fri 04-Feb-05 23:15:10

rickman - diet has very little effect on supply - see this site fpr more info.

rickman Fri 04-Feb-05 23:18:51

Message withdrawn

spod Tue 08-Feb-05 23:41:18

my dd tells me her milk is "all gone" (shes 16 months) when she wants to switch sides!

bobbybob Wed 09-Feb-05 04:07:00

"all gone" is sweet - my ds tells me "broken"

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