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Change in BF pattern/longer breaks between feeds - is this ok?

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Essie3 Tue 15-Jul-08 17:57:37

DS was 4 weeks old yesterday. His feeding patterns seem to be changing - so just checking that this sounds ok rather than seriously abnormal!
He was feeding every 3 hours in the night, but last night he went longer, 4-5 hours between feeds. (Alas, my boobs weren't ready for that! Serious leakage!)
Plus, rather than the full 30 min feeds, the morning one - 9am ish - seemed to be a short 'snack', although we've had several of those today.
And finally, during the day he seems to muck about a lot - pulling off, squealing, shaking his head around with mouth open and nipple very nearby (almost as if he couldn't find the nipple). I don't want to force feed, but neither do I want to starve him.

Can someone reassure me that I'm normal?

girliefriend Tue 15-Jul-08 21:26:56

Yeah totally normal! Im guessing the short snacks are to encourage more milk perhaps a growth spurt? And at 4 weeks all being well he should be able to go longer at night. How often are you feeding him? It might be that during the day when you are trying to feed him when he is not that hungry, babies vary on how long they go between feeds but a good feed will take at least a two or three hours to digest before baby is really hungry again. If he is crying but not wanting to feed chances are he is either tired or over stimulated and needs a kip! Nappies are youir best guide for how much milk your baby is getting so as long as they are wet regularly don't worry too much. XxX

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