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8 week old bottle feeder is snacking. Advice needed....

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Looby34 Tue 15-Jul-08 10:20:06

Hi, we offer 8 week old ds 5 oz bottles. If he took a lot of it, he'd be wanting his next feed roughly 3 hours later.

However, most of the time he will take 2 or 3 oz's and not want anymore, then he starts his little cough cough cry because he is tired, so I put him down and he has a sleep.

Generally he doesn't sleep for more than an hour and then he wants more milk - again, just a few oz's.

My dd used to feed then sleep for 3 hours - then feed again etc etc - she was very predictable so all this with ds is a little new to me.

Obviously I'd prefer him to take more milk at each sitting and sleep for longer - I'd like to get him into a good routine.

Could it just be that this is the way he is -or has anyone got any suggestions ?

He was a very windy little boy to start off with, which made it difficult for him to settle, but he seems to be geting better now..

Also - he seems very easily stimulated. To start we used to put him down for his naps in his carry cot in a light room, but have found it better to put him in his cot with the blind and curtains drawn...

Thanks xx

noonki Tue 15-Jul-08 16:26:49

Have tried feeding him with no stimulous - my nephew was / is v easily stimulated and would on ly feed if it was really quiet

ALso try winding him mid feed then try again

or maybe he is too tired to feed, try feeding him slightly sooner...

good luck !

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 15-Jul-08 16:36:19

I think thats just the way he is.
Some babies will take longer feeds and go for longer between them, some babies prefer feeding little and often.

I think thats as true for bottle feeding babies as it is for breastfed where they can just snack 24/7.

I would just let him take as much as he wants. If you are bothered about wasting the formula then just put 3oz in each bottle.

Looby34 Thu 17-Jul-08 18:52:29

Thanks xx

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