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When do you express?

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JODIEhavingababy Mon 14-Jul-08 10:19:20

DS2 is now 10 days old, and feeding well ([proud emoticon] DS1 was terrible and I gave up after 10days blush)

Anyway, I would really like to start expressing so that when I want to start doing thngs like going to the hairdressers, or even leaving him with grandma for a while then at least I've got a supply ready, rather than turn to formula.....

Also, does it increase your supply?

What did everyone else do? What was your 'expressing routine'?

tiktok Mon 14-Jul-08 11:00:55

Jodie, no hurry to express!

It's a useful skill to have, but not essential.

You might find you can i) take your baby with you to more places than you imagine possible at the moment ii) have a baby who develops a routine which allows you to feel confident about leaving him

I think most people would share the consensus that now is too early unless you have a reason to do it - you have enough to do without fitting in expressing.

But after a few weeks, go for it!

It does increase supply, but only if you do it in addition to breastfeeding normally. If you do it instead of giving a breastfeed, then no, it will have no effect. In fact, if you do it and use it to lengthen the gaps between breastfeeds, it could reduce your supply.

It's great you are having a better experience this time round

Notanexcitingname Mon 14-Jul-08 11:31:35

I'd certainly agree with everything tiktok has said above.

I found that after about 5 weeks I managed to slot time in for expressing. I was trying to build a stock and practice for when I went back to work; I actually found when it came to it that I didn't want to leave my baby, and had many a haircut/pedicure with him guzzling from source!

JODIEhavingababy Mon 14-Jul-08 12:51:07

Thanks for your advice, I suppose it makes sense, I knew someone on MN would know what to do!!!!

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