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Still bf 1year old and now working, help swollen boobs...

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mamachat Sun 13-Jul-08 17:16:13

I have just started a new job which means I am not in for 12hours on the days I work.

When I return from work my breasts are rock solid and very painful..

DD still bf alot when I am home so my milk supply is not getting any lower...

With my job some weeks i'll work 2days and others no days... So i don't think my breasts will get used to not feeding so much as it is not often enough...

Is there anything I can do to help my milk become less?

Tried dropping feeds but dd will not have it and demands milk when I am around. But without me will be content for around 10-11 hours without milk..

unfitmother Sun 13-Jul-08 17:17:45

Can't you express half way through the day? That's what I used to do.

onwardandupward Sun 13-Jul-08 19:29:26

Can you have DD brought to you for a feed half way through your long day? Might be impractical but just in case you, like me, find it blardy impossible to express.

mamachat Mon 14-Jul-08 18:59:58

I could express halfway through the day but i do not think there is anywhere to express...

Also I work about an hour away from home so cannot really ask dp to bring her to me half way through the day, but wish I could do that as it would be better for both of us..

Does anyone know a way to help reduce the milk? As dd will not stop off her own back.. And it is very difficult to refuse her milk when she is screaming..

nowwearefour Mon 14-Jul-08 19:03:56

i think they legally have to provide you somewhere to express? do you drive to work could it be in the car? there is no way i know of other than maybe to find a way to distract her with something else when she is demanding milk- i know is v hard am still struggling with this issue myself. a game of tickles perhaps or let's build a tower and knock it down?

mamachat Mon 14-Jul-08 19:13:11

nowwearefour - how old is your dc?

No I have to get the bus as it is in central London..

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