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How to stop bf newborn taking in so much wind when I'm feeding lying down

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Minkus Sun 13-Jul-08 10:40:05

DS2 is now 10 days old and has taken to bf really well. To make my life a lot easier we are mainly co-sleeping and although this is great for me, I'm finding that he's taking in a lot of air when feeding lying next to me. I can hear it when he swallows, when I can't hear the same "glug glug" sound when he's feeding during the day/when I'm sitting up with him. Taking in air doesn't cause an immediate problem, he goes back to sleep (probably doesn't really wake up to be honest) after he's done, but it does mean that he wakes in the early hours growling and trying his hardest to get the wind trapped in his poor little tummy out again.

Now I've identified the problem I'm trying to wind him for longer after he's fed, to not much avail, and so am now wondering what else I can do to help the poor wee thing. Maybe the latch is the problem?

Would appreciate any advice.

MrsBadger Sun 13-Jul-08 10:45:04

check your positioning when you're feeding lying down - ds should still have his head back and a good big mouthful in the middle of his mouth, iyswim, not be hanging off the breast or eating out of one side of his mouth.

A strategic pillow or arm might help raise him off the bed up to boob level if that's what he needs.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 13-Jul-08 10:45:04

Is he laying on his back feeding, or on his side?

Whilst he is still so small, maybe laying on his side will ensure a better latch?

IME sitting winding for ages is a waste of time. If they've got wind it will come out pretty quickly - although there will be many who disagree!

Minkus Sun 13-Jul-08 11:14:22

Fortunately (or not depending on what you're looking at them for!) my boobs are quite big and er, saggy so my nipple is definitely at his mouth level when he's feeding. Also he's lying on his side next to me. Will have a look to see how his head is positioned tonight.

Just chatted with dh about this and we've also realised that although ds is doing a growling sound he's not crying or making any other sounds of distress so maybe the problem is actually ours and we just need to invest in some ear plugs

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 13-Jul-08 11:43:59

Big boobs rock when it comes to feeding laying down don't they smile

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