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Lumpy boob - advice please!

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Lucyand2 Fri 11-Jul-08 09:57:31

I've been suffering from over supply issues for a few days now and as a result I've been getting lumps in my breasts every morning. So far I've managed to get rid of them but yesterday afternoon I noticed more lumps in the top of my left breast which I just cannot shift. I've tried changing feeding positions, massaging with my fingers and a hot flannel, hand expressing, expressing with a pump and getting DD2 to feed more on that side.
I'm dosed up on ibuprofen as the pain is getting quite bad and I visited the doctor yesterday who gave me a prescription for antibiotics which I'll only take if this turns into mastitis.
Is there anything else I can do or does it look like I'm heading towards mastitis again?
I'm feeling really quite miserable about this as last time it happened we both developed thrush after the antibiotics and i don't want to do that again hmm

Bumperlicious Fri 11-Jul-08 11:24:46

Sorry no advice but bumping for you

You sound like you are doing everything you can. Am I being completely weird or is there something you can do with a comb?

Tigger13 Fri 11-Jul-08 11:33:58

I had something similar at the w-end, a mumsnet suggested combing, which i did under a warm shower with a round comb and lots of soap and my lump went! I was doing all the things you said as well.
Hope you sorted soon its miserable when that happens,

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