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breast feeding fathers???

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oatcake Thu 03-Feb-05 13:07:38

dh obviously has nothing to do at work and sent me this link (sorry, do not understand in the slightest how to link it - clear instructions appreciated):

did you know men could breastfeed?

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 03-Feb-05 13:08:18

I know this is a bit of a double standard, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 13:09:39

I saw something on TV last week or week before with a bloke breast feeeding with a contraption thingy

Snugs Thu 03-Feb-05 13:10:13

That would have been Chuck on ER

Gwenick Thu 03-Feb-05 13:10:34

RT - that was on ER wans't it

I have to admit I think 'ewwwww' too - can you imagine how painful it must before them - ideally they should have some of the breast in their mouth too - but men don't have breasts so they'd be sucking on the nipple alone - OUCH!

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 03-Feb-05 13:11:14

I saw that too, Kanga. Was it a comedy show ?

Men breastfeeding just strikes me as unnatural and makes me go a bit 'funny'. All that nipple hair

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 03-Feb-05 13:11:49

Ah, missed the ER ref.

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 13:12:59

yes that was it er when carter went into the staff room

I have looked at link and it was not on contraption it was from him

oatcake Thu 03-Feb-05 13:13:20

no excuse not to share night feeds now, huh?

btw, this URL from dh came after a conversation with his colleague about a film clip they'd found of some japanese advert they had of a very contented looking cat, suckling from a japanese woman.

double eeeeuuuughhh!

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 13:13:46


NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 03-Feb-05 13:14:21


RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 13:16:04

would make interesting answers

if dads asked in shops/restaurants

where he could go to breastfeed his baby????

cathncait Thu 03-Feb-05 13:17:08

I am finding this really hard to believe. Is this for real? Do men really have milk glands?
oh, and ewwwwwwww from me too

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 13:19:42

I suppose if they were XXY with extra chomosme

they may have glands

Yurtgirl Thu 03-Feb-05 13:43:40

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles Thu 03-Feb-05 14:17:39

Men do have the glands - they can get breast cancer, just like women. They can lactate, too. That's how it was found that domperidone can be used to enhance lactation in women, because it was given to men (for indigestion, I think) and had the side effect of making them leak . Nothing to do with their XY chromosomes.

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 14:23:08

PC I stand corrected

just thought it the XXY thing may be it.

But it is funny to think about it,

Men using breast pads to stop it staining their shirts

Bozza Thu 03-Feb-05 14:26:49

But to use breast pads they would have to wear a bra....

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 14:28:44

PrettyCandles Thu 03-Feb-05 15:07:01

Dh was thoroughly shocked and disbelieving when I told him this, but later that evening I caught him examining his nipples....

oatcake Thu 03-Feb-05 15:44:51

I can't imagine you can get a good latch. Does this have to mean that mean actually grow man boobs?

Yurtgirl Thu 03-Feb-05 19:03:37

Message withdrawn

prunegirl Thu 03-Feb-05 19:09:46

Message withdrawn

Yurtgirl Thu 03-Feb-05 19:36:06

Message withdrawn

prunegirl Thu 03-Feb-05 19:39:10

Message withdrawn

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