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expressing for the first time - anxious!

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elportodelgato Thu 10-Jul-08 09:30:14

Hi there - hoping some amazing mn-ers can help me with this one.

My PFB is 5 weeks old and I have been exclusively bf-ing. I'd like to start trying to express soon as we have a few events coming up where bottle feeding will be easier (weddings and long car journeys), plus I would at some stage like to have a little bit of a social life!

So, I'm a bit concerned about how expressing works so perhaps someone can explain... if I am expressing milk to be stored for later, while at the same time bf-ing all through the day, my supply will increase to meet the increased demand and I am worried I will then be in a vicious circle of having to constantly express excess milk which in turn increases the demand IFSWIM. Is this the case? If so how do you get around this?

girliefriend Thu 10-Jul-08 14:10:08

Blimey, I suppose in theory this could happen. It depends on how easy you find it to express and how much you are able to express. In my experience expressing didn't have that much of a knock on effect but I was only ever able to express about 3 - 4 ozs in a day (and was only ever good enough to do this about once a week!). I think it really depends on the individual. The social events and car journeys you will prob find it just as easy and cause you less stress just to find a quiet corner somewhere and bf - IMO!!! In my experience I thought exactly the same as you and invariably ended up breast feeding as was too worried that the bottled breast milk had gone off or it wasn't enough!!! However for nights out etc you can have a little freezer store that you could slowly build up over a week or something, therefore if you only expressed an oz or two a day you would still in theory have enough saved up for a night out and I wouldn't of thought that would increase your milk supply significantly - although I fully expect someone on here to tell me otherwise! Good luck !!!

JustCallMeDaisy Thu 10-Jul-08 14:27:02


I am now solely expressing my LO feeds. He does breast feed occasionally but has trouble weight gaining so it is better on the bottle.

It does depend on you but could you try expressing a feed in the morning as you may have increased supply then. Or at a time when you know you are fuller. This can then be stored in the fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for 6 months (just let it defrost at room temp when ready.)

With regards to expressing yes it is hard but you can do it at your conveinience. Try not to worry about increasing your supply just see how you go.

Also how about giving your baby an expressed bottle in replace of a feed then you wont always be making extra?

Just some ideas but do whats best for you. I enjoy expressing now and we have been doing it for 5 months.

Good Luck


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