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Unsettled BF baby- what foods should I cut out?

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mildew Wed 02-Feb-05 14:25:13

My 10 week DD is unsettled at night and awake and grumbling after her 2.30ish feed until about 6 - she's definitely not hungry so I think she might be windy. I am going to cut out dairy, chocolate and wine for the next few days to see if it helps- anything else I should avoid or any other theories as to why she could be so unsettled?

moondog Wed 02-Feb-05 14:27:30

Possibly just a phase or a growth spurt.
I tried cutting foods out. Made no difference and made me bloody miserable.
No wine or cheese!!? Hah, not my style!

beansprout Wed 02-Feb-05 14:29:12

Is it possible that she is getting more than enough sleep during the day, so she isn't needing so much at night? (sorry if that sounds obvious, I am sure you have thought of it already, hope I haven't offended you!)

otto Wed 02-Feb-05 14:30:18

Anything in the onion family - leeks, garlic etc as well as broccoli and cauliflower. Hope it works

Bozza Wed 02-Feb-05 14:35:40

Orange juice?

lucy5 Wed 02-Feb-05 14:53:10

spicy food maybe although I pretty much ate what I wanted to.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 02-Feb-05 18:46:28

I've heard caffeine is worth cutting, so tea and coffee as well as chocolate. Cabbage is meant to be a problem for many, as are apples and grapes.

That being said, neither of my kids ever cared what I ate. Their guts are still new at this age and get upset really easily, it probably isn't your diet.

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