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Still being subjected to the cow and gate ad.

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LookingForwardToSummer Fri 04-Jul-08 14:39:14

Grrrrr. It's so annoying! Is there nothing we can do?

NicMac Fri 04-Jul-08 18:40:10

They have every right to advertise, switch it off if it bothers you so much

NorthernLurker Fri 04-Jul-08 18:41:39

I saw it last night and was furious!!! Dh said I should complain but who to?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 04-Jul-08 18:43:58

ffs, I see adverts for junk food, cars and shitty loan companies whenever I watch the tv but just don't pay attention.

Why get so fussed about something so meaningless?

smallwhitecat Fri 04-Jul-08 18:45:13

Message withdrawn

smallwhitecat Fri 04-Jul-08 18:46:46

Message withdrawn

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 04-Jul-08 18:48:50

don't parents who choose not to breast-feed still need to decide on which milk they want to buy though?!

NicMac Fri 04-Jul-08 18:49:14

I really don't see how one TV advert is going to influence people to not BF, give people some credit for their intelligence FFS

smallwhitecat Fri 04-Jul-08 18:51:52

Message withdrawn

misdee Fri 04-Jul-08 18:52:49

what advert?

smallwhitecat Fri 04-Jul-08 18:54:53

Message withdrawn

TheFallenMadonna Fri 04-Jul-08 18:56:06

what does it say?

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 04-Jul-08 18:56:09

no i know that..but it is a you mean as in whether to breast or ff feed informed choice? it might be good for parents that have already decided to ff though?!

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 04-Jul-08 18:58:17

their are no guarantees either way to prevent any bowel/immunity problems though relly is there?!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 04-Jul-08 18:59:24

So a woman succesfully, or even strugglingly breastfeeding will see a cow and gate advert and wrench her baby from her breast and dash out for formula? ffs

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 04-Jul-08 19:00:30

of course breast-feeding your baby is going to be the that is what boobies are there for!...and if the mothers diet is good then that is the best way to go.

But for others that do ff...they need to decide which milk.

thumbwitch Fri 04-Jul-08 19:01:33

is this the happy smiley laughing babies ad?

smallwhitecat Fri 04-Jul-08 19:03:14

Message withdrawn

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 04-Jul-08 19:06:00

I don't have the energy or incilnation to get into such a debate right now so I'll leave it.

DS was breastfed until 13 months, then had formula once a day.

DD was breastfed for 3 weeks, then had formula. I see no difference in them now, in fact DS is ill more often.

constancereader Fri 04-Jul-08 19:09:10

Those who formula feed do indeed need to decide which milk is the best but advertising is not information, it is persuasion.

There is no independent study done to tell us which formula is actually the best. This is a disgrace imo.

Follow on milk wasn't invented until the advertising ban on formula, it is a sneaky way of getting around the ban.

Those who think that no one will be persuaded by an advert should consider that no company would bother spending the money on advertising at all if it made no difference.

smallwhitecat Fri 04-Jul-08 19:09:26

Message withdrawn

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 04-Jul-08 19:11:36

I can only go on my personal experiences....only 1 of my 8 children was breast-fed...he is the only one that has been under the peaditrican (sp!) for bowel problems and other problems too......and of course i'm not saying that breast-feeding was to blame, however i do wonder whether my diet was good enough to produce good milk. So sometimes..sometimes it is a good alternative..and ff decided parents have the right to see whats out their for them to choose which milk they might buy for their babies.

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 04-Jul-08 19:13:24

you can get lovely giggly no problem babies that are ff fed you know!

constancereader Fri 04-Jul-08 19:13:54

I mix fed too as I had a terrible start with bf sad.

I should have been able to find out which formula was actually the best but it was incredibly difficult to find out even exactly what was in it.

No one wants to ban formula ffs, we just think that the sole food we feed our babies shouldn't be chosen on the basis of who has the cutest/most effective advert, but on actual information.

chibi Fri 04-Jul-08 19:15:04

How does an ad with laughing babies provide you with the information you need to make a choice about what you will feed your baby with (if you are ff that is)?

How would you decide between SMA (ad features dad making all kinds of promises) versus C+G (ad with laughing babies) based on the contents of their ads?

I am asking a genuine question - stuff that I would want to know doesn't ever seem to be included.

I am intrigued that so many people see them as neutral sources of useful information.

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