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Breast feeding & Painkillers

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BetteD Thu 03-Jul-08 16:56:26

My DD is just over 12 months and has one breastfeed just before bed time (7pm). I have flu at the moment and am desperate for some pain relief and a good night's sleep.

If I took night nurse after her bed time feed tonight and didin't b feed her again until 7pm tomo night is that OK?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 03-Jul-08 19:29:10

I am absolutely sure this would be fine.

I think antihistamines (which are in night nurse) might dry up your supply a bit, but given the age of your DD, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.

sunnytimes Thu 03-Jul-08 19:30:03

Message withdrawn

PertweeAndLemon Thu 03-Jul-08 19:31:44

It would be fine even if you fed her sooner than that. The issues with decongestants etc. in night nurse is the effect on your milk supply rather than the effect on your DD, and a single dose at 12 months won't be a problem.

PertweeAndLemon Thu 03-Jul-08 19:34:12

Here is the relevant factsheet from the Breastfeeding Network (compiled by a specialist pharmacist).

lackaDAISYcal Thu 03-Jul-08 19:38:54

some information from NHS direct. i think that as you only feed her once a day the drugs will be out of your system before the next feed if you are only taking it at night to help you sleep.

There is a basic lemsip you can buy that just has paracetamol, or Boots own brand cold remedy if you wanted to stay away from the decongestants and antihistamines but wanted the "hug in a mug" effect of a hot lemon drink.

lackaDAISYcal Thu 03-Jul-08 19:40:44

much better info from pertweeandlemon there!

BreastfeedingMum Fri 04-Jul-08 18:57:39

Poor you! I know what you're going through as I had multiple bouts of mastitis when I was breastfeeding. It's fine to take Lemsip, paracetamol and co-codamol when you are breastfeeding, although not altogether at the same time!!

I checked all of these with my gp and pharmacist when I was breastfeeding but you can also check the compatibility of any drugs you want to take whilst breastfeeding on LactMed, (

Hope you feel better soon

Sinead x

Angelico Wed 06-Feb-13 23:45:53

Bumping this as just found it in google search and it was very helpful!

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