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distracted baby

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janx Sat 29-Jan-05 19:09:22

my 4 month old dd is a very lively and alert little thing. She is a joy, but I am having a few problems with her feeding. She gets so distracted by everything around her which results in feeds taking forever. She pings off my breast regularly sometimes very suddenly and roughly (ouch) to look around and to gurlgle at me - anyone have the same thing happening to them? I don't mind so much at home, and it is great that she is happy, but in the middle of a busy cafe, where I don't really want my boob hanging out for too long - it can be a bit of a pain. I have tried waiting a bit longer between feeds in the hope that she will be so hungry she will concerntrate, but it does not seem to make much difference. Any suggestions?

mears Sat 29-Jan-05 19:18:11

janx - this is a totally normal phase which I remeber really well. It does pass hoestly. When she starts faffing around just put the breast away. She will soon realise that she has to stop playing around if she wants a feed.

beansprout Sat 29-Jan-05 19:22:26

Thanks for this, I have the same. A bit frustrating at home but another ball game in public!!

hermykne Sat 29-Jan-05 20:09:32

janx my ds is like this too 6mths and my dd wasnt at all. so its driven me mad and put me off breastfeeding in public, i now just put the boob away when he starts messing and put him down and if he is hungry he ll let me know.

janx Sun 30-Jan-05 22:03:16

Thanks for your advice - will try this week. Glad to know I am not the only one with an distracted baby as all I ever see are these placid babies that feed with no fuss!

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