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Anyone remember the Breastfeeding Picnic we organised last year? We're doing another one!! Please add your support here!

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theSuburbanDryad Tue 24-Jun-08 19:03:19

I know there's a petition up for people to sign if they don't agree with the new Equality Bill being proposed, but if you'd like to do something more physical then watch this space!

We're hoping to do this on the 21st July, to coincide with the recess of Parliament for the summer break. We're also going to be organising regional events this time, as I know that a lot of people would have liked to be involved but couldn't get to London!

More news as I soon as I know what we're doing - but your support will be invaluable.

PeachyWontLieToYou Tue 24-Jun-08 19:04:56

i'd love to do one in cardiff or south wales

(expect my hv to be there declaring us all as the 'nipple police' )

theSuburbanDryad Tue 24-Jun-08 19:09:51

pmsl Peachy!! We are hoping to organise one in Wales, but we're not sure where! We need more local coordinators - you wouldn't care to volunteer would you? If you have a local bf-ing group it would be fab!!

misdee Tue 24-Jun-08 19:12:35


as am at st thomas's that day for a scan.

theSuburbanDryad Tue 24-Jun-08 19:13:18

Parliament Square, misdee, for the London lot! grin

misdee Tue 24-Jun-08 19:15:18

hmm so probably not too far from where i will be at the time...

[checks map]

motherhurdicure Tue 24-Jun-08 19:18:47

Message withdrawn

KnitterInTheNW Tue 24-Jun-08 19:21:19

If there's going to be one in the NW I'd be there...

theSuburbanDryad Tue 24-Jun-08 19:22:57

We're hopefully going to be doing one in Scotland as well! We feel this is an issue which faces the UK as a whole, and the 6 months window is something which threatens the Scottish law, as it would be all too easy for the Scottish Parliament to change it down (although unlikely, IMO)

We'll be doing in N.Ireland too! As I say, we need more local co-ordinators, so if you'd like to volunteer then step forward.

So far we have London, York and Plymouth as fairly certain sure protest picnic sites. Anyone who would like to organise one in their home town please step forward! grin

jammi Tue 24-Jun-08 19:23:15

Message withdrawn

lilyloo Tue 24-Jun-08 19:26:22

I would support one in the NW too !

Lastyearsmodel Tue 24-Jun-08 19:49:12

Count me in - York if at home but possibly London if staying with Mum that week.

motherhurdicure Tue 24-Jun-08 19:54:05

Message withdrawn

FourArms Tue 24-Jun-08 19:56:23

Sounds great - who else is Plymouth way? No doubt I'll still be feeding DS2 who will be 2 yrs 3 wks by then!

PigeonPie Tue 24-Jun-08 19:59:04

I'd support one in Oxford? Don't think I want to venture into London with two the DSs under 3 though.

Yorky Tue 24-Jun-08 20:07:52

Another for Oxford here, or Yorkshire if I can crash at my parents for a few days!

morgangee Tue 24-Jun-08 20:25:04

Kate's already volunteered for Edinburgh. So once we have the date confirmed, she'll organise Edinburgh! :-)

idontbelieveit Tue 24-Jun-08 20:25:07

could do York, how exciting!
I'll be pregnant and breastfeeding woohoo!

callmeovercautious Tue 24-Jun-08 20:28:06

I would love to come to one - Cambridge? However I will be in full pre-wedding whirl so not sure I can organise. I make a mean banner though grin DD will happily demonstrate extended BFing for those in doubt about the 6m rule being proposed as well smile

BouncingTurtle Tue 24-Jun-08 20:31:26

My local bfing group meets on Mondays, I'd be happy to organise one for the Teesside area.
I could talk the group and ask them to attend.
Should the picnic be held near local government offices, or any public space? What do you think?

wobbegong Tue 24-Jun-08 20:59:21

Suburbandryad, is it legal to protest in Parliament Square? I thought this wonderful Govt had dispensed with our right to protest about anything there.

though I am happy to be set right!

bluenosesaint Tue 24-Jun-08 21:02:14

I'd happily support a NW one! smile

weasle Tue 24-Jun-08 21:03:03

oh, i could do the parliment square one. how do i find out more?

theSuburbanDryad Tue 24-Jun-08 21:08:08

Weasel - watch this space!! grin

Wobbegong - it is indeed illegal to protest in Parliament Square, without permission. We apply for permission from the Special Events dept at Charing Cross police station. They have to give permission, by law. We did all last year and it was fine - they didn't even come and look at us, which was disappointing!

SparklyGothKat Tue 24-Jun-08 21:25:58

What are we actually protesting about? Might be there..

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