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Breastfeeding at toddler stage

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Mummyloves Fri 28-Jan-05 00:43:49

Am very interested to know what other mumsnetters think about B/feeding, even for comfort or as a sleep method when their child is 2/3 yrs old. I say this because I breast fed my DS who is now a few weeks away from 4, until he was 3 1/2 yrs old. I don't do this now, but it was the only way I could get him to sleep. Also it was his comfort when insecure (Trust me, lot's going on). I've never had any adverse reactions from people I know, but I remember seeing a "Trisha" type of show once, where there was a lot of condemnation. Is this "perverse or sick"?

KateandtheGirls Fri 28-Jan-05 00:53:15

I don't believe so, and I'm glad you didn't receive any adverse reactions.

Mummyloves Fri 28-Jan-05 01:00:36

Hi KATG's, how is it where you are? Thank you for that. The only reason I mentioned it was because, in my very insular circle of close friends and relatives, they realised what I faced as a lone parent, full time working, with child that didn't sleep etc.That said, whilst they didn't criticise me directly, they were astonished and kept encouraging the break. I felt I had no choice, I really needed to sleep. As I had no support from the minute I got home, I really could never face the controlled crying etc and gave in to what I know Ds really wanted. I lived for the day that he would "grow out of it". Sometimes he still asks, and is obsessed with my boobs regardless now. i just wonder whether I've set up something perverse or sexual between mother and son at this age. I just thought of the comments that I heard on this show and am suddenly doubting what I did and am having an insecurity moment, thinking that I've done something wrong.

suzywong Fri 28-Jan-05 01:05:37

Mummyloves, good for you for BF for so long and stopping when it was appropriate for both you and your son.

You haven't set up anthing unnatural between you and your son, he will forget about your boobs when he starts school that's for sure, and don't worry about what was on a Trisha type show, if it wasn't BF it would have been a dna test for teenagers or alcoholic grannies, they just have to come up with something - don't take it personally

JulieF Fri 28-Jan-05 01:06:31

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. The natural age for weaning from the breast (when you disregard cuture) is somewhere between 2.5 and 7 according to an anthropological study.

If that was an easy way of providing comfort, then so be it.

Mummyloves Fri 28-Jan-05 01:12:28

Thank you thank you. All I can say at the moment cos DS has woken. Time for bed!!

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