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reflux question

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asicsgirl Wed 18-Jun-08 16:24:10

i know there's been a thread on a similar topic recently but... been to see hv this morning (whose opinion i normally trust) and she thinks ds2 has reflux. trouble is the lists of symptoms on the web hardly fit him at all!

he hardly ever spits up and is not particularly fussy, does not cry except for clear reasons most of the time.

my main concern is that he grunts and groans very loudly when asleep as if trying to poo. he tosses and turns - last week he was able to sleep thru this but he has now started waking himself up, so we are getting next to no sleep. he is bf and will fall asleep on the boob, go down to sleep quite happily then wake up 10 mins later.

any ideas? does this sound like reflux or...? i have a fast let-down and he sometimes coughs & pulls off - but could this cause these problems?

VaginaShmergina Wed 18-Jun-08 19:08:25

I agree it does not sound like reflux as my DS had it and was vomiting all ALL the time and lots and lots of crying hmm

However she may something you dont about those symptoms so it might be worth taking him to your GP to get checked out.

Do you feel open minded about alternative therapies? I know our DS did have reflux and we did have medical intervention however we also took him for Cranial Manipulation and it worked a treat.

Just a suggestion, I'm sure you could find plenty of info on it on here and google. Our local Chiropractor did it for us and she was wonderful, not cheap but very worthwhile, they can treat all manner of ailments.

VaginaShmergina Wed 18-Jun-08 19:09:49

PS love the wallpaper !!!

CarGirl Wed 18-Jun-08 19:11:32

my dd had silent reflux so didn't bring up much at all, what little she did was curdled however she used to wake up screaming and was generally miserable unless she was upright with pressure on her tummy.

asicsgirl Thu 19-Jun-08 09:46:21

thanks very much. i have heard that cranial osteopathy can help so will check that out VS. glad you like thw wallpaper - that was my maternity leave project grin

cargirl, we've had a bit more spit up now (!) but don't get the screaming. (phew) however ds2 sleeps like an angel in his car seat so... maybe it is reflux after all. will go to gp!

VaginaShmergina Thu 19-Jun-08 09:52:25

asicsgirl, our DS slept in his car seat too ! You forget so quickly what you do dont you !

Good luck, keep us posted.

asicsgirl Thu 19-Jun-08 13:52:04

have been to bf cafe this am and they said ok to let ds2 sleep on his side propped up. also referring us as ds2 has tongue tie - may mean he gets too much foremilk so too much lactose = hard to digest. all so complicated innit...

VaginaShmergina Thu 19-Jun-08 14:03:46

Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but they didn't say it was this hard either hmmsmile

Do you think you may still take DS2 to the GP ?

asicsgirl Thu 19-Jun-08 16:15:54

too true! wink

i'm hoping getting tongue tie snipped might improve belly problems, so i think i'll wait and see (going next week to see surgeon) before going to gp.

have also just ordered amby baby nest in hope that he will sleep better in it than in the carrycot!!

heymammy Thu 19-Jun-08 16:21:04

Both the dds here had reflux and one of their symptoms was grunting/groaning/clearing throat noises during the night after a feed BUT that was along with all the usual symptoms as well like constant puking after a bottle. I got through 36 bibs in a day with dd2 shock.

Gaviscon poweder helped hugely as did propping up the cot at one end and generally keeping a bit more upright.

Hope your wee one is OK soon smile

asicsgirl Thu 19-Jun-08 18:13:44

thanks! ds2 currently sleeping very soundly in his pram propped up a bit. fingers crossed...

west08 Wed 16-Jul-08 17:48:22

hi asics girl, have v similar problem with my 10-week-old son who since birth has woken up on average every hour at night seeming distressed. no puking so didn't think it was reflux. asked doc about something called "silent reflux" where they don't actually throw up but the acid reflux aggravates their stomachs anyway and eventually (once I cried in his surgery) got given infant gaviscon. seems to be making bit of a difference together with sleeping on side and propping up but the weird thing is it seems to be worse when I breast feed and better with formula, so am now going to try just bottles at night. also have v fast letdown and problem with him feeding for 5 mins at night then refusing any more but am mystified as he's fine during the day. am also seeing cranial osteo. no idea if this is making a difference. any more progress with you?

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