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Where can I get non-clingy nursing tops?

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ElmMum Mon 09-Jun-08 17:35:41

After c-section, bump is pretty big. All the nursing tops I can find online are t-shirt material, which clings to bump and makes me look 5 months pregnant.

I just want something in cotton, shirt-type material, that skims over bump and is easy to feed in, so I can go out!!

Maternity tops don't make for easy feeding. Nursing tops cling too much!

DD is only a couple of weeks old but would be nice to venture out.

Any ideas?

macaco Mon 09-Jun-08 17:39:47

Why not try button through tops that aren't maternity or nursing, just normal tops, or would you have to unbutton too much to be decent?

ElmMum Mon 09-Jun-08 17:44:41

The only position I can do at the moment is the rugby ball/clutch position as boobs quite big and nipples point out the way a bit. When I was doing normal cradle hold, nipples got cracked and bled, which was excrutiating.

So I'm thinking I need a top that opens at the side, but maybe not? Not tried to breastfeed in public yet so not sure how I'd go with a normal button through shirt but with DD coming in from under the arm, IYKWIM

macaco Mon 09-Jun-08 17:48:00

the only nursing tops i had, from HM, opened as for cradle position.

Louandben Mon 09-Jun-08 17:49:23

Forget specifically designed nursing/maternity tops - get to H&M or similar and buy a pile of different coloured vest tops (about £3 each (I found H&M tops longer than most, therefore more comfy and effective) ) and wear any normal tops you want over these. To feed you can then lift the top layer and pull down the top of the vest top for access - ta da - noclingy clothes and no flashing of post-birth tummywink! You will also feel a bit more like your normal self in some non-maternity clothes!

HaventSleptForAYear Mon 09-Jun-08 17:49:32


They give you advice about which tops are best for disguising wobbly bits !

SoupDragon Mon 09-Jun-08 17:49:51

Have you tried an ordinary vest top with something loose over it? Vest pulls down at the neck, the other top lifts up over the top of your breast.

SoupDragon Mon 09-Jun-08 17:50:46

Vests are £3.99 in H&M this year and they're fab. They are indeed longer than average.

ElmMum Mon 09-Jun-08 18:01:22

Great advice. I shall go to H&M tomorrow and get vests and some loose button through things to go over the top.

Did try and get something in Gap the other day but as well as big tummy I also have MASSIVE boobs at the moment, so everything made me look huge - not good for morale!

Cheers x

DonDons Mon 09-Jun-08 20:59:13

I like these and in similar situation to you......

BellaMama Mon 14-Jul-08 11:46:25

I was in the same situation and couldn't find anything to wear post-baby that I could feed in easily and would not show off my wibbly tum. My boobs went up to 32G, which made it hard to get anything flattering that wasn't tent-like! Pulling on maternity wear again was just too depressing. Nursing vests are fab idea, and can put something loose over the top (cardi, shirt, wrap etc) to disguise tummy. The poor selection of nursingwear available in the UK prompted me to set up a new business selling gorgeous breastfeeding tops to ensure all new mums can feel fab! Bella Mama Thanks loads DonsDons for the mention! grin Any Mumsnetters can get 10% discount on their order, just enter MUMSNET08 at checkout. smile

TinkerBellesMum Mon 14-Jul-08 12:36:07

I love the H&M nursing tops. They're quite generous so they allow for big boobs and tummies. They don't look like nursing tops, they're very easy to use and they don't need to be done up afterwards. They also don't cost much more than you would expect to pay for any t-shirt.

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