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Help! My baby screams to come off the breast after a few mins of sucking

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Mollyfloss Sun 08-Jun-08 10:16:39

My baby is almost 8 weeks old and feeds 7 times a day, sometimes 6. The problem with her day feeds the last few days is that she latches on, sucks hard and then starts screaming to come off after a few mins. As soon as I try to put her back on she screams rejecting the breast even after she has been winded. I keep trying to get her back on but as soon as she realises she is being put into position (side, has always liked this position) she starts screaming. Sometimes I manage to trick her and get her on before she realises it but it's very difficult. Maybe she has had enough milk but I find it hard to believe she has had a full feed after 5 or 6 minutes. Also before when she was satisfied she wouldn't scream, just come of the breast and be content.

At night she is not doing this, she wakes, feeds, falls asleep, I change her to wake her, she feeds again and then dozes off contentedly. Has anyone any idea why she is acting up with her feeds during the day?

VictorianSqualor Sun 08-Jun-08 10:30:54

Not sure Molly.
Is it at all times or just a certain time of the day, it's normal for babies to have fussy times when they will behave like this.

Other possibilities are thrush or force-ful letdown

BouncingTurtle Sun 08-Jun-08 10:31:51

Some babies are very efficient feeders - my ds takes 5-10 minutes for a full feed. He takes a bit longer at night because he only wakes up enough to register he is hungry and falls asleep when he is done, so is quite sleepy.
He is doing this now, at 5 months, but has done it other times too.

Do you have a fast let down? Some babies do struggle a bit with this, have a look on kellymom.
Here's some info which might help you pinpoint why he is doing this

But stick with it, you've done well to get this far smile

BouncingTurtle Sun 08-Jun-08 10:32:10


Mollyfloss Sun 08-Jun-08 10:49:51

I don't think DD has thrush, there are no other symptoms... I don't think I have a forceful let down but I could be wrong. Does a forceful let-down go hand in hand with an over supply of milk? I don't really have an over supply...

missorinoco Sun 08-Jun-08 10:57:37

ds used to do this at that age. during the day only also, not at night.
i had a fast let down, which as far as i know (which isn't that far) doesn't necessarily mean over supply. he was also a very efficient sucker.

if she is gaining weight ok i she is prob getting enough.

remember how stressful i found it though. hth.

elfsmummy Mon 09-Jun-08 11:13:29

Hi Molly.

My DD1 used to do this and it transpired that she had silent reflux - so bear it in mind. We eventually got it diagnosed at 3.5 months when she just refused to feed.

She was never sick - not even posseting but once we knew what to look for I noticed that whenever she was lying flat her mouth would fill up with milk which she'd then swallow.

Have a look at this on kellymom. Once we realised what the problem was but before she was officially diagnosed and treated, I started feeding her in an upright position and it helped loads. Try sitting her next to you but facing you on the sofa surrounded by cushions and feeding like that - or try using a sling - i used our baby bjorn with the straps fully extended so she was level with the nipple. (It helped that she didn't weigh much LOL)

If you try these and it helps and some of what it says on Kellymom rings true then it would probably be worth you seeing your GP or HV to discuss the possibilty.

By the way DD was never bothered at night and would feed happily - I think it was because she was too tired from crying and creating all day!!

Bejo Tue 14-Jul-09 22:50:47

Hi,am new to this site but just had to respond when I read your post.
Afraid I have no answers for you but my son who is now nearly 10 weeks is exactly the same.
Most feeds last only around 5-7mins and are followed by lots of screaming except on a night when its as if someone has flicked a switch and he returns to being settled,and sleeps contentedly between feeds.
I do think I have a good milk supply, but I now feel he can't possibly be getting enough to eat as his stools have become very green over the last 24 hours and I believe this can be a sign of too little fat.
Please let me know if you managed to find a solution.
Feeding time is no longer a pleasure for either of us !!!

tiktok Tue 14-Jul-09 23:30:24

Bejo - you can search previous discussions on Mumsnet, and it would be helpful for you to check out 'over-generous milk supply' or similar.

Green stools are on the normal spectrum - in a baby who has been bf effectively for a while it is hardly ever a sign of not enough milk.

Bejo Wed 15-Jul-09 16:24:41

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated, I will do a bit more searching.
He remains very unsettled and not keen at all to feed in the daytime !!

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