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Can't clear a blocked duct - any advice?

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Caz10 Wed 04-Jun-08 19:50:48

I've had this for 3 days now - luckily it doesn't seem to be getting any worse, no flu symptoms or anything, just a long, hard lump in my boob.
I've trawled the archives here and also spoken to the BfN but so far nothing has worked.
I've "combed" it in the shower, put heat packs on it, feeding as often as poss and expressing at least once a day.
dd is 6mth months and very distractable, getting her to feed for any length of time during the day just now is pretty hard at the best of times, but even her lengthy night feeds haven't shifted it.
Anything else I can try? I've taken ibuprofen too.

Caz10 Wed 04-Jun-08 19:51:46

Oh have also tried feeding her so chin is pointing in the direction of the duct iyswim but she thinks it is a hilarious new game and just laughs and won't latch on!

BlueDragonfly Wed 04-Jun-08 19:57:25

when she is feeding, can you stroke the lump towards the nipple?

Catz Wed 04-Jun-08 20:06:03

My DH was always able to get rid of them whenever I had ones that I couldn't shift (after trying all the stuff you suggest). No idea why he could do it and I couldn't. He'd just massage the lump for ages quite firmly in small circles and towards the nipple. Sorry that's not very helpful unless you want my DH to come over!! But I did wonder whether being more relaxed as he did it helped so perhaps your DP/DH could have a go at massage?

BlueDragonfly Wed 04-Jun-08 20:08:12

there are some ideas on kellymom here

whomovedmychocolate Wed 04-Jun-08 20:10:02

Have you tried the rugby hold - baby in armpit with face up?

thenewmum Wed 04-Jun-08 20:15:22

I had blocked duct then developed mastitis, eventually found that a hot bath and breast massage solved it.

Caz10 Wed 04-Jun-08 21:53:26

thanks all

no that's one thing i haven't tried (rugby ball) will give it a go tomorrow (don't fancy attempting it in the dark at 2am grin)

mastitis is obviously my worry - when/why/how will a blocked duct turn nasty?

thenewmum Wed 04-Jun-08 23:00:43
Gives you all the info you need on mastitis.
Hope it helps. Although I had infection it only took 24 hours to feel better did give dd horrible nappy few days later though.

popstar Wed 04-Jun-08 23:09:47

Here's my thread from a few years ago. Remember living in fear of recurring mastits or developing an abscess. That doesn't always happen, but the longer the milk is stuck there the more opportunity there is for infection to develop.
All the feeding/expressing/massaging/pounding with hot water from shower head didn't shift it but acupuncture did! It's about the only 'alternative medicine' which has some evidence of benefit. Can be pricey but was definitely worth it for me.

takes2 Tue 10-Nov-09 12:55:53

I have mastitis (I know because I have just been to the doctor). He has given me a prescription for antibiotics. I had very bad flue symptoms this morning and through excruciating pain squeezed the hard bits with hot flannels and got lots of thick yellow milk out. Has anyone else experienced this? It was very thick and yellow. Anyway I feel alot better now and might not take the antibiotics. Should I keep pushing out the thick yellow bits? I feel that they might be the blocked ducts.

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