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when do you move on to cow's milk?

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Chickyboo Thu 20-Jan-05 22:50:17

there seems to be conflicting views on when to start cows milk...please advise

Frizbe Thu 20-Jan-05 22:51:35

12mths onwards, at least that's what we did, although its ok in food from 6 mths, ie mash tatty, so long as no history of allergy.

lilsmum Thu 20-Jan-05 22:53:13

i have just swapped my dd onto cows milk.... she is 12mth on weds x

lockets Thu 20-Jan-05 22:54:49

Message withdrawn

mishi1977 Thu 20-Jan-05 23:02:00

i started ds on cows milk bit by bit from around 10.5mths as hv said as long as it wasnt his main drink he would be ok then at 12mths i withdraw formula bit by bit until he went wholly onto cows milk.

charlie01 Thu 20-Jan-05 23:24:12

Did you go for a straight swap from follow on to cows milk at 12 months or should I do it gradually?

KateandtheGirls Thu 20-Jan-05 23:25:55

12 months here, and I just switched straight over because she didn't seem to mind. I know people sometimes gradually switch.

Gwenick Thu 20-Jan-05 23:26:40

DS1 didn't drink cows milk until he was almost 3 just wouldn't take it (stuffed him with every other dairy product though LOL).

DS2 went straight onto cows milk at 11 months - we just gave him one bottle of cows milk to see how he got on, didn't bat an eyelid and actually drinks more cows than he did formula!

Frizbe Thu 20-Jan-05 23:44:14

we did a gradual mix over a week or two, as tried the straight swap and dd went YUK!

HappyMumof2 Fri 21-Jan-05 10:20:00

Message withdrawn

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