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Maws variflow teats

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mckenzie Thu 13-Jan-05 21:20:01

With DS1, now 3, I used Maws variflow teats and Maws anti-colic bottles when giving EBM or formula. Are they still considered a good choice does anyone know or are there better things on the market now (Baby No2 due in 6 weeks and I'm trying to get organised).

eidsvold Thu 13-Jan-05 21:26:03

My dd had the Maws variflow teats when she was born ( 2 and a bit years ago) and they were fine. If you found them to be good then go with that.

Can't think of any others - although my collection for dd2 ( 8 weeks old) is pur, nuk, tommee tippee, avent and various other brands.

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