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formula allergy

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hermykne Thu 13-Jan-05 20:17:08

ds showed signs of a cows milk formula allergy aWHILE AGO with hives, i got wysoy and tried it once or twice and he didnt go for it so i am stillbreast feeding whilst trying the odd ebm bottle - which he doesnt really gulp down another story - do you think i could try the regular formula again to see ifthe allergy is still there? as he is nearly 6 months

NotQuiteCockney Fri 14-Jan-05 07:29:06

You might get better info on the Allergies board, but I'd say it's not worth it. If it's a full-blown allergic reaction, with hives, the best thing you can do is keep him off dairy for quite a while. From what I know, this is how childhood food allergies get extinguished, is by avoiding the food for a very long time.

And if the hives were his reaction to his first exposure, he might react even worse to a second exposure, so I really really wouldn't dare. A friend whose son has this sort of milk allergy has to have an epipen, just in case.

You might have better luck with goat's milk formula? Or maybe there are other formulations of soy formula?

poppy101 Fri 14-Jan-05 08:13:02

I breastfed first then had to put baby onto formula for top ups. Baby came out in a skin rash on face, neck and body. Took baby to doctor where she prescribed some bathing lotion and cream. Tried it and it worked wonders. I have heard other people mention about skin rashes when they put onto formula from breast feeding. It did clear up with mine when I used the cream and lotion. Baby got used to it. I think.

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