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Low weight gain - again! Want to drop 10pm feed

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mousesmum Wed 12-Jan-05 11:02:45

DD is 5.5mo, just started on solids, mainly bf but also having one formula feed a day - which will increase to 2 next week when I return to work (argh!). She has dropped from 25th centile to below 2nd centile since birth. She does not need the 10pm bf any more; we are struggling to wake her at 10 and she only feeds for 10-15 mins before dropping off again. However (the old story) I am trying to get as many calories into her as possible as I am concerned about her weight gain. I have been several times to an excellent bf support clinic (at the hospital where I delivered) and they always reassure me, saying they are happy with weight gain of 3oz per week. DD averages above this for her whole life, but lately her weight gain has been slowing down more, some weeks only 2oz, even with the addition of the formula feed.

Any advice re dropping the 10pm feed would be gratefully received. Also in general: can anyone tell me if the weight is going to be a worry long-term (crystal balls out everyone!), or will she gain more when she is established on solid food? Thanks guys!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 12-Jan-05 15:46:22

DS1 was horrible at weight gain. I think he went from 75th centile to below 2nd centile. I think he's still pretty thin for his height, certainly lighter than lots of other kids the same age. He eats a good, varied diet. Some weeks he eats lots, others he eats less.

What changes is, you stop caring! When they're babies, their weight is the only way you can check they're doing ok. When they're bigger, you judge by development, activity and so on.

If she's happy and healthy and active, don't worry about the weight gain. If you drop the 10pm feed, she'll make up for it elsewhere.

mousesmum Thu 13-Jan-05 11:17:14

Thanks for the reassurance. I'm sure she is doing absolutely fine; she's very alert, active and mostly happy. HV put the wind up me slightly when she started talking about checking for malabsorption of nutrients. I'm waiting for it all to change because neither myself nor dh are exactly petite! I think we'll phase out the last feed and see what happens.

LIZS Thu 13-Jan-05 11:23:29

I think there is too much emphasis placed on weekly weight gains and that the overall trend is more important, which it sounds like the bfeeding support group is confirming with their approach. If she is feeding for 10-15 minutes she is probably still getting a decent feed, just more efficiently. If you want to drop it see how it goes, and she probably will make it up elsewhere, but you may run the risk of her waking earlier in the night instead - could you deal with that and going back to work ? If not perhaps wait a week or two longer to try.

Sounds as if you have a happy active and healthy baby !

chocolatecath Fri 14-Jan-05 21:32:51

mousesmum, if they are happy with her weight-gain at the bf support clinic I really wouldn't worry. They will know more about breastfeeding and weight-gain than your average HV, I suspect, and it sounds like your DD is doing fine. Can you ring them at that clinic to ask about dropping the 10pm feed if you are worried?

My DD went from the 50th line to between the 2nd and the 9th in the first 18 weeks of her life. She was exclusively breastfed. I had a really good bfc who said that was fine. Then she stayed on that line until she was about 8 months (I started solids at 6 months but didn't give formula) and she is now just above the 9th line at 10 months.

HTH. I can't remember when I dropped the 10pm feed but in the end I did because I was sure she would wake if she were hungry/thirsty. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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