Views on Nanny Care Goats Milk.....thinkinf of switiching....

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hollanja Tue 06-May-08 11:36:34

I'm thinking of switching to Nanny Care Goats Milk formula for my 5 week old baby girl as she is currently experiencing constipation (rabbit like poos which are very hard, dry, small and dark green) and exczma.......but before I do I would love to know your views and experiences with this formula. Also does it contain the same nutrients and vitamins etc as SMA Gold which I am currently using? Thanks very much.

hollanja Tue 06-May-08 11:42:00 2C-Government-warns.html

tiktok Tue 06-May-08 11:42:45

hollanja, this formula is not recommended in the UK and this webpage explains why: and your HV should be able to confirm that, and maybe suggest a formula that would help your baby more.

It does appear that babies who react to goats milk formula are likely to have the same reactions to goats milk formula.

If you think it's the milk your baby is using that's causing the problems, have you thought about relactating? This may be of no interest to you, so forgive me for mentioning it if that's the case, but many women think they can never breastfeed if they are fully formula feeding and it's not the case.

MrsBadger Tue 06-May-08 11:45:56

Infant goats' milk formulas haven't been approved for use in Europe.

Aptamil is renowned for producing soft poos - may be worth a try

hollanja Tue 06-May-08 11:50:19

thank you....i did BF but gave up after two weeks as I just didnt take to it very well and I felt like a prisoner at firend's baby is on the nanny care goats milk and she raves about it....

hollanja Tue 06-May-08 11:53:02

also on the website you just sent me = it says sales of goats milk formulas should cease as of end 2007 but how come you can buy it strill in places like waitrose and fresh n wild????

mears Tue 06-May-08 11:53:34

Would change to another cow's milk formula rather than goats milk. Your friend may rave about it but the bottom line is it is not recommended for newborns. I personally would not take the risk with my baby.

MrsBadger Tue 06-May-08 11:57:40

you can only buy goat-based 'growing up milk' in Waitrose etc - tis very clearly labelled 1-3 yrs thus

hollanja Tue 06-May-08 12:17:18

ahhhhhhhhh ok - will def stick to your advice. thank you - really appreciate it.

tiktok Tue 06-May-08 12:18:23

I doubt very much that the infant formula is on sale,'s prob the stuff for older babies you have seen, hollanja.

charchargabor Tue 06-May-08 13:49:29

Nanny changed the labelling on what was previously the infant formula, and now call it just milk powder, I believe, This was following the conclusion that goat's milk formula is not suitable for infants. I agree with pps; consult your HV and look into changing your DD's formula. Also bear in mind that, even though it works for your friend's LO, it might not work for yours, and then you'd have to switch anyway! Hope she is ok soon.

babesais Wed 14-Dec-11 18:49:11

Actually I've spoken to a nutritionist who says babies thrive on it and it has been taken off the market for no good reason. My niece has it and it has cleared up her constipation.

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