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millie1 Sat 26-Apr-08 14:04:44

I'm expecting twins in a few weeks and do plan to have a go at exclusively breastfeeding them. However, my midwife has, imho, wisely advised that given the fact I have two other children and an ill husband, I should be prepared incase I need to give the odd bottle. Spent a long time avoiding this like the plague with the others who I b'fed to 14 and 26 mths however think it would do no harm to be prepared.

So ... can anyone recommend bottles/formula which I can order. I'm looking on Mothercare at the moment but it's a minefield!


BustyMcGee Sat 26-Apr-08 14:11:47

Totally not what you asked, but La Leche League have some good booklets and books about breastfeeding twins

millie1 Sat 26-Apr-08 14:13:27

Thanks ... have got their Mothering Multiples book and it looks great. Am happy enough about tackling the b/feeding (did I really say that??!) but bottle feeding mystifies me grin!

justaboutwithPMT Sat 26-Apr-08 14:13:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

millie1 Sat 26-Apr-08 16:04:15

Good idea JABWPMT ... shall link to this. Thanks!

millie1 Sat 26-Apr-08 16:25:20

Oh and something else which has just popped into my head. Expressing - it would probably be a good idea to get bottles which would fit a good pump - just to complicate things!

mankymummy Sat 26-Apr-08 16:30:45

These are fabulous - you sterilise them in the microwave so no need for extra sterliser. I've had mine 2.5years and still going strong. TF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=42861041&mcb=core

millie1 Sat 26-Apr-08 18:52:44

Thanks Mankymummy, they look good. Any other suggestions please.

tkband3 Mon 28-Apr-08 14:05:06

I used these. I'd used Avent bottles with my first (as supplement to breast-feeding, but for some reason, the DTs didn't take to those as well and I got these instead when I gave up b/f (at 5 weeks).

Mars gives fantastic advice on breastfeeding DTs (as does Mommalove) - I'll link them in here for you.

princesslina Sun 04-May-08 15:01:17

You may want to consider a medela haberman feeder which is particularly good if you are supplementing breast with expressed milk or formula (and fits on medela expressing machine which have a fantastic reputation.. Haberman feeders are the only bottles that allow baby to control their feeding having a rest if they need to, also no air can get in so avoids any associated problems. Because the feed is more like breastfeeding then you are less likely to have a baby that then becomes lazy on the breast (as with bottle feeding the milk tends to come fast and furiously and baby does not need to suck so much, but also it can be too quick for baby, with the haberman you do not get these problems.

KaSo Sun 04-May-08 15:07:43

I know someone who is a WAHM, have 5 other kids and exclusively breast feeds her twins. I'd leave any thoughts on bottle feeding until you really need to think about it.

Other than that, Avent bottles are good and I liked Aptamil as it seemed the least constipating.

millie1 Sun 04-May-08 20:09:03

Thanks folks ... shall look into the Haberman feeder now in a few mins when kids are in bed. I hope not to bottle feed but can understand why it was suggested to be prepared due to current family circumstances.

millie1 Sun 04-May-08 20:09:18

Thanks folks ... shall look into the Haberman feeder now in a few mins when kids are in bed. I hope not to bottle feed but can understand why it was suggested to be prepared due to current family circumstances.

morocco Sun 04-May-08 20:48:37

some baby bottles, including avent, are made from a type of plastic which has now been banned in canada as it contains chemicals which leach into the milk, particularly when the bottles are heated.
personally, I would not buy any bottles made of that type of plastic
more info on this thread

amidaiwish Sun 04-May-08 21:47:13

Born Free bottles are free of bisphenol A.


millie1 Sun 04-May-08 21:58:13

I ordered the Tommee Tippee bottles from Mothercare the other day. Hope not to need them grin but must have a look at these links anyway - thanks!

accordiongirl Fri 09-May-08 00:06:14

I used NUK bottles with latex teats. Nice and old fashioned looking.

nooonit Wed 27-Aug-08 18:15:03

Both my DDs have preferred the MAM teats whilst mixed feeding.

Recommended these to my friend with twins who was breastfeeding but wanted them to take a bottle of EBM occasionally. They were the only teats they liked too.

Also they are made of different stuff and don't have whatever the stuff banned in Canada is in them! (Apologies for awful sentence!)

Good luck with your babies - sounds like you'll have your work cut out!

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