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Pain when feeding?

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jbadgirl Wed 05-Jan-05 14:06:01

My ds cries and struggles when feeding has been like this for 5 weeks but nothing seems to help.

Since having bottles has had colic but only when feeding, does this sound like colic? He brings up lots of wind but as soon as he takes another couple of gulps he arches his back and cries, we have been trying colief, infacol, dentinox, gripe water. The Hv suggested to try nutramigem but this doesnt seem to be working....any ideas?

I have heard Omneo comfort is good as it is a lt thicker but Hv said that she doesnt think it will work.

fredly Wed 05-Jan-05 16:11:31

well don't listen to your hv and give it a try.

fredly Wed 05-Jan-05 16:22:37

sorry to be so blunt but mine has been nothing but extraordinarily useless !!

HappyMumOf2 Wed 05-Jan-05 16:38:14

Message withdrawn

MazArnold Wed 05-Jan-05 17:20:50

Can anybody offer any advice about Onmeo Comfort?

My little girl (3.5 wks old) has been on it since Sat 1st Jan, after being on SMA Gold. The SMA was causing her to be really constipated and she was pooing pellets/crying a lot. The HV suggested who luckily saw her in action, suggested Omneo Comfort.

I was under the impression that she'd have a lot of runny, smelly green poo's? So far she's only poo'd 3 times, on Sunday (runny), and once a day over the last 2 days (normal consistency), but I wouldn't say it's green. She's still crying during the day and on an evening, even though her poo's are softer and she passes wind a lot (which really smells). This is when she cries.

Is this normal and if so, how long does it take for her to settle with the new milk? Am concerned that maybe this milk doesn't agree with her, and the constant crying is also upsetting me and her dad.

She is a fast eater and I have tried different teats but a medium/fast flow is too quick for her. She's now on an Avent number 2. Could she be taking in too much wind when feeding? Just want some reassurance from someone who might have gone thru the same thing?

highlander Wed 05-Jan-05 17:24:47

for reflux babies, isn't there a type of bottle available where the baby has to actively suck the milk out rather than the constant flow of regular bottles?

MazArnold Wed 05-Jan-05 17:30:52

You might be referring to the Haberman Feeder, which pumps like the breast. Have got these - spent a fortune on them.

Have found that they are not good for babies who eat fast though (mine) as she has to work harder at getting the milk and then seems to give up sooner, so she then doesn't eat as much. Also they are difficult to transport if out and about as you don't get caps with the bottles.

aloha Wed 05-Jan-05 17:49:35

Why do you want smelly green poos? Baby poos aren't & shouldn't really be green as a rule. Evening crying is really common (sadly) in little babies. My ds did it and it had nothing to do with his diet. It's horrible and upsetting but it does end, and, looking back I really don't think my ds was in pain, he was just crying. sometimes a dummy can help, or swaddling, or jiggling about or all three together. I think some babies find it harder to adjust to life outside than others.

jbadgirl Thu 06-Jan-05 14:43:53

Thanks for your replies, i have tried nearly everything from slow flow to fast flow teats and different shaped teats etc. he doesnt cry in the evenings specifically but only when feeding and at every feed have been to see the feeding advisor this am and she said to try the omneo too. I also have an appointment with the peadiatrician at the hospital this pm so will ask thier advise too (we will be seeing them fairly often as ds was prem and in special care) but i am definately going to try the omneo and i hate to say it but my hv seems useless too. Hope all are havng a good new year so far x

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