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Right boob is like a football - help!

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mumbojumbo Wed 05-Jan-05 10:49:56

Stopped breastfeeding ds1 last week (3 last week). He was having 1 feed in the evening. Still feeding ds2 (13 months). Last evening I noticed a lumpy bit on my right boob on the outside, underneath (if that makes sense). Overnight it got progressively worse and this morning my boob is very hard and tender. I'm worried that this is going to turn into mastitis. I've been putting ds2 on the boob but it doesn't seem to be improving matters. In addition, I've taken some ibuprofen to help with the pain. If one of the boys happens to knock my boob it is really tender. Had the occasional blocked duct which I've managed to rectify but this is so much worse. This is so frustrating as I've been feeding for 3 years, so you'd think I'd know what I was doing!

Anyone got any advice - please? TIA.

Lonelymum Wed 05-Jan-05 10:51:31

Go to the doctor, I think. It does sound like mastitis except you haven't mentioned feeling unwell yourself.

mumbojumbo Wed 05-Jan-05 10:53:02


ATM, I feel fine in myself (as long as nothing/noone knocks against my boob!)

Marina Wed 05-Jan-05 10:54:06

Mumbojumbo, this happened to me recently, also after over three years of fairly straightforward b/f (not all in one go, ds was fed til 2, now still feeding dd, 16 months, at night only).
Thought it was a blocked duct, but it was mastitis, and seeing the GP immediately nipped it in the bud. A short course of fluoxicillin sorted it, I felt the improvement within hours. It was perfectly OK to keep feeding dd while on this anti-b and with hindsight I am very glad I did not keep soldiering on with flannels and ibuprofen. AGONY, isn't it. Commiserations

sobernow Wed 05-Jan-05 10:56:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Wed 05-Jan-05 10:57:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oatcake Wed 05-Jan-05 20:29:18

mastitis doesn't need to come with flu symptoms. Do you have inflamation around the breast, in what can only be described as segments of an orange cut in half around its equator? That's mastitis.

For me, I would have gone through childbirth again than suffer mastitis.

The GP will probably prescribe what marina said, but be prepared to go through a few antibiotics before you find the right one.

Whilst you're waiting for an appointment (absolutely! as marina said, don't soldier on), have you tried expressing the lump out? Or, using a wide toothed comb, try to comb the lump out whilst simultaneous feeding?

JulieF Thu 06-Jan-05 15:00:27

As long as it hasn't progressed too far you can self treat mastitus for 48 hours.

You need to massage the affected area and feed lots as you are doing. If you feel ds2 isn't draining it properly then express to help. Take ibuprofen for the pain and put warm flannels on. The problem with going straight to the GP is that a. often they are not clued up aout breastfeeding and may just tell you to stop or b. the antibiotics they give you can cause thrush.

Keep an eye on your temp and for the flu type symtoms though. Sometimes a trip to the GP IS needed.

For more detailed info try giving a breastfeeding counsellor a call. The NCT line is 0870 444 8708

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