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If I don't feed for a day will my milk dry up?

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Socci Sun 02-Jan-05 13:40:10

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Sun 02-Jan-05 13:43:22

yeah you wish ..

however I think you might find it uncomfortable to stop dead .. your boobs will be painful if you don't manage to express .. although you can just hand express

I personally would've thought by a year that the main feeds would be nightime (maybe in the morning too) and not during the day so maybe it won't be so bad

Socci Sun 02-Jan-05 13:50:12

Message withdrawn

maddiemo Sun 02-Jan-05 14:36:25

When ds3 was 15 months I spent three days in hospital. My milk did not dry up although I did express a bit when I felt full on the second day.

I would think your supply should be fine.

What I did find was that when I returned home ds started to lose interest in feeding and weaned himself over the next few weeks.

tiktok Sun 02-Jan-05 19:29:26

Your supply will be fine - it takes a lot for an established supply to actually dry up. Even after drying up, women restart again.

sophabaubles Sun 02-Jan-05 19:31:14

i was only doing one feed by 10 months when i stopped and it took 2 MONTHS for my milk to dry no!

Socci Tue 04-Jan-05 12:28:52

Message withdrawn

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