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Cup Feeding

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Palmwoods Fri 31-Dec-04 13:32:10

I'm wondering if anyone can help me. This morning I gave my 4 month old an Anywayup cup with some water in it to see what she would do. She put in straight on her mouth and tried sucking but got very frustrated after a few attempts with nothing coming out. I then tried it and realised I coudn't get anything out of it either! Is there a certain technique to using this cup?

hercyulelog Fri 31-Dec-04 13:33:26

Lots of people dont like them becsuse you have to suck really hard to get anything out and it's not good for them.

Palmwoods Fri 31-Dec-04 13:39:39

Thanks - I couldn't get anything out of it and I'm 30! Can you recommend any other brands with handles?

hercyulelog Fri 31-Dec-04 13:40:47

I used avent without the valve.

Furball Fri 31-Dec-04 19:53:05

Somebody previously recommended easing the valve slightly with a knife. As in insterting the knife/sharp object into the spout, through the valvey bit and giving it a small tweak. That technical technique worked for my DS.

JulieF Sat 01-Jan-05 21:16:25

The Tommee Tippee one is often reccomended. I always found a boots own make one with a soft spout very good.

The anyway up ones are really hard to get anything out of and apparently they can cause dental problems, plus they don't learn the transition form sucking to sipping out of a normal cup as well.

egypt Sun 02-Jan-05 12:37:03

i found the same prob palmwoods. ended up with a tommee tippee but took the valve out completely. it now pours out if upsidedown but at least she's learning to sip at the same time.

SmokedSamN Sun 02-Jan-05 23:10:13

With ds1 we tried various cups, ended up with an Avent one, soft (white) spout first, then a harder (green) spout. Then we moved on to the Tommee Tippee ones which have remained favourites. He can drink out of a real cup but the Tommee Tippee one is good for taking to bed and for when we're out and about.

I still can't get anything out of the anywayup cup myself so it surprises me that any kids can drink out of them.

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