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Pregestimil Recall

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InDulciJulieF Wed 29-Dec-04 00:14:12

I know that this formula isn't available in the UK but just in case there are mumsnetters in France or other countries where it is available I thought I would post this.

Following further investigations, all batches of Pregestimil infant formula have been recalled in France by Mead Johnson Nutritionals. Initially 3 batches of the product were recalled following four cases (including two deaths) of Enterobacter sakazakii infection in hospitalised premature babies (see Food Safety Today 13/12/2004). There have now been five additional cases reported where premature hospitalised babies' digestive tracts have been colonised by Enterobacter sakazakii. There are no reports of any further deaths linked to the outbreak.

The European Food Safety Authority are recommending that newborn babies are not fed powdered formula (which is not a sterile product and can easily be contaminated) but instead are given 'ready to feed' formula, which is produced under sterile conditions. It is also now recomended that each formula feed is made up fresh and not kept in the fridge for 24 hours.

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