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milk vs solids for a 9 mo

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TracyK Mon 27-Dec-04 15:40:10

ds is still hit or miss with the quantity of solids he takes. Sometimes (due to my laziness) I don't think his meals are very nutritional, mainly on the iron front.
If I think he's not had much I'll give him extra milk. If I use formula - that has vitamins/iron etc added. Should that make up for lack of solids?
I know its a vicious circle that the more milk he has -the less solids he'll take. But it's more for the days when we're out and about (or over Xmas away from home) that I think I should offer more milk rather than fill him up on say toast.

lulupop Mon 27-Dec-04 17:36:42

tracyk, if you are giving him the follow-on milk, that has added iron which should make up for any nutritional shortfall on the solids front. My DS loved his solids so I never went to follow-on milk for him, but DD (8 months) is so fussy with solids that I've started follow-on milk (it's also a bit cheaper than the first milk).

it is a vicious circle though, you're right. I find with DD that I have to always do solids first, then milk, or she'd never have any solids at all. If they're poorly, that's one thing, but when they end up drinking 2 pints a day, you know you've got a problem!

TracyK Mon 27-Dec-04 18:27:21

thats what i was hoping.
does that mean i should keep on with the formula rather than cows milk till his diet is better?

colditzcolditzcold Mon 27-Dec-04 19:34:47

If he is only 9mo he shouldn't really be having cows milk as a main drink - or is there a reason for this?

TracyK Mon 27-Dec-04 19:47:05

no - he doesn't - I'm just thinking ahead till when he's a year old.

colditzcolditzcold Mon 27-Dec-04 20:41:52

Ok, sorry. I sounded critical their but didn't mean to, sorry

janeybops Mon 27-Dec-04 21:53:59

At 9 months my ds was having a bf in morning followed by breakfast.

Mid morning snack.

Lunch with water.

mid afternoon bottle of follo on milk and a snack.

tea and water or juice.

before bath a small bottle of follow on

bedtime - another bf

Hope this helps

Socci Mon 27-Dec-04 22:01:50

Message withdrawn

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