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failing to thrive - help!

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pollybee Fri 17-Dec-04 22:59:47

DS is now nearly 5 months, and b/f. He is only on the 2 nd centile (started life at 91st) Took him to see gp last week who went pale, seem surprised hv was cool about it - (he's on the thrive line - just - apparantly) GP hadn't heard of thrive line and said ds was far too skinny.

He has been quite unhappy lately, screamy and hardly sleeping. Should I give formula or will that kill b/f? GP WROTE Failing to thrive on his record which really upset me. She was so surprised that I hadn't supplemented up to now. He is healthy but very very skinny.

What can I do to improve milk other than feed often, which I already do, 2 1/2 hourly in day. Are bottles inevitable? Have I compromised his health?

Help MN!

cab Fri 17-Dec-04 23:02:00

What did the g.p. say to do?

lockets Fri 17-Dec-04 23:03:33

Message withdrawn

tiktok Fri 17-Dec-04 23:06:02

pollybee - that's a scary thing to see on your baby's notes. Yes, you are feeding fairly freq, but maybe not freq enough. It could be if this is a long standing issue that positioning and attachment could be improved too - a visit to a bf group or clinic might help. I think you are right to be concerned - 5 mth old babies are not normally skinny, or screamy.

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 23:11:36

How long does he go at night? Is it a really long time? Could you introduce another feed there? Is he sick? Does he seem satisfied when you feed him? I can imagine how scary this is for you.

motherinfestivemood Fri 17-Dec-04 23:13:15

You poor love. Here are some contact numbers in case you find them useful.

The NCT on or 0870 7703236; the La Leche League on or 0845 120 2918; the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers on or 0207 813 1481; and the Breastfeeding Network on or 0870 900 8787.

pollybee Fri 17-Dec-04 23:15:22

Went to b'f clinic when he was a few weeks old because of slow weight gain, and they checked positioning etc and decided it was ok. He has never lost weight, got back to birthweight at 3 weeks, and gained 3-4oz steadily. B/f clinic said don't get him weighed, and don't worry about weight.

GP said to give formula top-ups after evry feed.

CountessDingDongDrac Fri 17-Dec-04 23:15:35

Could you try expressing and bottle feeding so you could see how much he is drinking? I really hope it all works out soon, you must be so worried

Socci Fri 17-Dec-04 23:17:33

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Fri 17-Dec-04 23:18:28

I'd contact a bfing counsellor/la leche league for certain

pollybee Fri 17-Dec-04 23:20:04

Eating normally, haven't (sadly) lost the extra preganany stone yet.

Usually feel a let-down, but never more than one.

He only poos evry 2-3 days, but that's within norms. It's enoremous when he does go!

FimboCLAUS Fri 17-Dec-04 23:20:31

Keeping bumping your thread up - today/tomorrow - there is a very helpful HV on here called Amanda who may see this and offer you advice....

SenoraPostrophe Fri 17-Dec-04 23:20:51

why don't you go back to the bf clinic? They may have some more ideas.

do you let him feed for as long as he wants when you do feed?

cab Fri 17-Dec-04 23:22:11

I would go with the g.p.'s advice - sounds like common sense to me.
Best of luck, and whatever you do don't beat yourself up.

Socci Fri 17-Dec-04 23:23:48

Message withdrawn

pollybee Fri 17-Dec-04 23:24:42

He feeds for ages, usuaslly 40 mins. Has been easily distracted lately, likes to grin at me and grab for my hair etc. but I let him come off by himself usually.

He would sleep for 12 hours at night, but I wake him when I go to bed, usually 11pm - a bit later tonight as i'm still on MN!He goes straight bcak to sleep after the feed.

Should I wake him another time in the night?

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 23:25:38

What about night time? Could you fit in another feed there? Does he seem unhappy/hungry - I have to say from your description it does not sound as if all is well. Sorry.

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 23:26:54

Sorry X-posted...I don't know what to suggest. If you said he was happy, alert, contented then I'd say maybe he's just skinny, but five months seems young to be skinny and you seem to be suggesting you don't think he's content.

pollybee Fri 17-Dec-04 23:27:22

He sleeps well at night but hardly at all in the day. Every other baby I know does daytime naps.

Maybe he's starving?

Socci Fri 17-Dec-04 23:27:38

Message withdrawn

cab Fri 17-Dec-04 23:29:07

Pollybee, given that you say he's hardly sleeping I would carry on with your 11p.m. feed, (PLUS a bottle afterwards), but not feed him during the night unless he wakens up himself. (Working on the basis that both of you need sleep as well as food.)

aloha Fri 17-Dec-04 23:29:14

How would giving formula make you feel?Is it something you might consider after seeing a b/f counsellor and trying to sort things out that way?

pollybee Fri 17-Dec-04 23:30:19

Thanks everyone, good to know I'm not alone at this hour.

I think I probably do think I need to supplement.

I will try and call a b/f counsellor tomorrw.

Socci Fri 17-Dec-04 23:31:25

Message withdrawn

motherinfestivemood Fri 17-Dec-04 23:31:32

Did they check for anything else? Because when the HV and GP got worried about my baby they did a urine test.

I would definitely go back to the clinic as well.

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