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NUTRIMIGEN advice please???

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sleeplessmumof2 Sun 05-Dec-04 11:15:18

My 4 month old ds has been on hipp organic for a couple of months and although he does not sick up he seems to have exzma (sp?) and refuses to take more than 4oz at a feed therefore wont go more than 4-5 hours and in the last couple of weeks seems to have tummy ache after a feed together with a really mucussy cough. My older ds was lactose intolerant therefore i just switched my ds to nutrimigen. The problem is ......a) he is taking loads more milk but he is now feeding every 2-3 hours so the night was hell, and now he seems to be splitting up after feed aswell. Does anyone have any advice or experience to offer me.

sleeplessmumof2 Sun 05-Dec-04 19:34:46

anyone with any advice please

Petall Sun 05-Dec-04 20:33:45

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. My DS appeared to have tummy ache almost from day one with formula, so I put him on Wysoy. (My DD was already on that as it helped her excema, asthma and stopped the ongoing diarrhoea, although I was advised against changing her by my HV,GP and a friend who is a paediatrician!)
I've found they both tolerate Wysoy, DS refuses HIPP and any jars now so I have had to cook for him! I think he prefers the stronger flavour. I also use Aveeno bath oil and cream, both on prescription , and they are fine with that.
We used to use Nutamigen at the hospital(I'm a pead nurse and Midwife) but I must admit it had to be prescribed so I just used Wysoy as it's Wyeth and you can get it easily.
Good Luck and hope that helps a bit and you find what suits your baby.

snowmoon Sun 05-Dec-04 22:03:23

Hi sleeplessmum, my DS (4 months 1 wk) has just been put on Nutramigen as he has been having diarrhoea symptoms for the last few weeks. Nutramigen has stopped his diarrhoea almost instantly but I have noticed that he does possett up milk more than he used to do, although not so much that it causes me concern. I have also noticed that he takes about 4 oz then just chews the teat, whereas he normally takes 6 oz. I'm wondering if he's not too keen on the taste and therefore is only taking what stops his feeling of hunger.

Not really offering much help here but just relating my experience.

Have you tried SMA LF (lactose free)? It can be bought or ordered over the counter without a prescription. I find that my DS prefers the taste of this much better. In fact if he carries on drinking so little I may talk to my GP about the possibility of getting SMA LF free on prescription.

sleeplessmumof2 Mon 06-Dec-04 12:07:30

thank you both of you for your advice, snow moon i seem to be in just the same place as you he wont take more than 4 oz on average which just means he wont go long stretches does your son sleep through yet? How many hours can he go? my ds is 4 months on dec 14 so not much difference!!!

snowmoon Mon 06-Dec-04 13:22:39

sleeplessmum, yes my DS is sleeping through from 11pm to 7am and has done so since he was about 2 1/2 months. I give him a feed at 11pm. At that time he is half asleep and will take the whole 6oz!

During the day he needs a feed about every 3 hours. He will have about 4 oz of milk and an ice cube size of solid.

sleeplessmumof2 Tue 07-Dec-04 12:19:45

lucky you snowmoon my ds2 is still no where near going through occassionally we get a four or five hour stretch but i have just given him his first cup ful of rice so fingers crossed that this will help him.

sleeplessmumof2 Tue 07-Dec-04 12:22:07

also i changed him from nutrimigen to nanny goat formula two days ago and he seems to have increased his intake at times back up to 5/6 oz a couple of times a day so hears hoping it will all help him. Are you saying that you are still only getting 4 oz at a time on sma?

snowmoon Wed 08-Dec-04 12:36:48

sleeplessmum, DS will take 6oz of SMA LF. At the 11pm feed though he's so sleepy he will take 6oz of Nutramigen. During the day he will only take 4oz of Nutramigen.

I ordered the SMA LF myself from the chemist so it's not free like the Nutramigen, which I get with a prescription from my GP.

snowmoon Wed 08-Dec-04 12:38:27

Also, is Nanny Goat easy to get? I must say Nutramigen smells awful, especially when DS spits it up!!

michmash Wed 05-Jan-05 15:37:30

Hi Snowmoon, I realise that it's a month since your last posting on this thread but also noticed that you hadn't had a reply about getting Nanny formula.

I use Nanny formula for DS and buy it at my local health food shop. It's more expensive than the other brands but as it's lactose free and also close in taste to breast milk we decided that it was worth it. I've also read somewhere that you can get it on prescription, so this might be worth looking into. We've had no probs giving it DS. He is on both bottle and breast and sometimes I think that he prefers the formula to me.

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