white spot on nipple, what is it?

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Enid Mon 11-Nov-02 10:04:08

Currently bf dd2 (3 weeks). My left nipple has been very painful all the way through, and for the last 10 days or so has had a tiny white spot on it. I thought it might be thrush but there is no sign of it in dd's mouth, and my other nipple is ok. Any answers? Dd isn't the best latcher in the world, she sort of 'sucks' me in rather than taking a big mouthful. Its very painful at the beginning but if I persevere with her latch the pain improves. That particular breast got very sore and inflamed at about week 1 but improved after a couple of days constant feeding. My health visitor hasn't been very helpful and there breastfeeding resources are stretched so no bf counsellor handy.

tiktok Mon 11-Nov-02 15:41:46

Call NCT bf line 0870 444 8708, Enid.

There are lots of things to explore with 'white spot' ...the counsellor will need to ask you questions.

Cha Mon 11-Nov-02 16:18:31

I had a white spot too about the same time - midwife said it was a blister. Ouch! Really hurt. All I could do was grin and bear it (ho ho) while she sucked and afterwards squeezed out a bit of breast milk and wiped it over sore nipple. Just leave it to dry naturally - it is wonderfully healing stuff, miles better than any nipple cream. Going around the house with your boobs out is also helpful, as they aren't rubbing on your clothes. Just remember to put them back when people visit (and stick the heating on).

You probably had a bit of mastitis when it got sore and inflamed - you did the best thing, just feed off it as much as possible. This is somewhat unconventional but a friend of mine who had it really badly was told by her breast feeding councellor to get her partner to suck the sore boob. Because she could tell him to stop and how hard to suck and which position it hurt most, he was able to siphon off a lot of the milk which helped ease the pressure and get rid of the blockage. He was initially very uncomfortable about doing it but she was in so much pain, he did it and it wasn't nearly as horrible as he thought it would be!
And as to the first sucks hurting, I had that too, even when she was properly latched on. It went on for about 6 weeks, gradually getting better and better. On another similar thread a while back, I likened the experience to having someone stick a hypodermic needle down your nipple and draw the milk out. I think eventually all the nerve ends in your nipples are killed off and it stops hurting.......
Good luck with it, blisters do heal.

Enid Mon 11-Nov-02 18:06:54

Thanks tiktok, rang the helpline and spoke to a really nice local woman. Unfortunately she couldn't give me any clue as to what it might be, but suggested I go to the gp.

Cha, I think I may have had mild mastitis (as I felt 'flu-ey' and my boob was sore and inflamed) and perhaps this is a blocked milk duct?

Anyway, am gritting teeth and ploughing on - had forgotten how nice bfeeding is, just came back from a fraught supermarket trip and settled down on sofa, feeding dd2 and cuddling dd1, very soothing. It will be even better once I get this b****y blister or whatever it is sorted.

bundle Mon 11-Nov-02 18:45:54

Enid, I had mastitis 3 times with dd (in 10 weeks) and the last time I felt dreadful - high temp, aching joints, cold, tingly body and could barely move let alone breastfeed. I described my symptoms over the phone to my GP locum, told him I'd already had it twice & he left antibiotic (flucloxacillin, safe for bfeeding) at my late night chemist's in Safeways. Saved my life - and went onto breastfeed till dd was nearly 2. good luck and keep up your fluids!

pupuce Mon 11-Nov-02 20:09:03

I just had white spots at the end of my nipple (bf 14 months old)... it was a blocked duct and it was very painful... got into a hot bath and tried to express and unblock... and then went VERY carefully with a needle (sterilised before hand!) and got the dried milk out (that is what made it white).
Maybe that's not what you have... good luck though.

Enid Mon 11-Nov-02 21:29:43

pupuce, had the hot bath and expressed but its still there, I like the needle idea, maybe I'll give it a go.

pupuce Mon 11-Nov-02 22:14:51

Give it some time... it took me at least 3 or 4 days to go ! The pain also took 2 days to go (if memory serves me right!)
Good luck

tiktok Tue 12-Nov-02 01:11:06

Sorry the line didn't give you any clue - white spot is part of what a bfc should know about.

It is often a clogged up hole, and sometimes it epithelialises - skin grows over. It's clogged with a bit of dried or else thick milk. Removing it can happen as a result of expressing or lifting off the skin with a needle - not as painful as it sounds apparently. Milk sometimes banks up behind and you get a release of milk when it's removed.

Other forms of white spot are a blister, an infection, and if it's not rally a spot but a patch, it can be the result of the baby compressing the nipple.

LeeandRachel Thu 16-Oct-03 20:04:23

I had exactly the same thing when DS was about 3 weeks and my GP told me it was cracked nipples. I had cracked nipples when he was four days and I still amn't convinced. Still, that is what he said. However I had talked to a bfc over the phone and she said it could be an infection/blocked duct. I have since been told by my public health visitor that it was probably cracked nipples.

Anyway the advice was to check your baby is positioning correctly, and all the advice you have already been given on this thread. From the way you describe her it could be a positioning problem. I found although I had thought I had this sorted in the first few days I did find when I went back to basics on the positioning it did help the discomfort.
Anyway whatever the reason for this it did ease off with time and improved positioning and now is gone. I also thought it might have been thrush but it doesn't sound like it from your description.
I hope this helps!

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