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Is it true you hold on to extra weight whilst breastfeeding..

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Twiglett Fri 26-Nov-04 17:45:11

if so how much?

see this .. this is what you call "clutching at straws"

Gomez Fri 26-Nov-04 17:45:31

I hope so..

spacemonkey Fri 26-Nov-04 17:45:57

I dunno, I lost loads of weight when I was bf!

tortoiseshell Fri 26-Nov-04 17:46:46

I definitely did. Stopped after 14 months and lost a load without trying. Same with ds.

tortoiseshell Fri 26-Nov-04 17:47:10

I read somewhere that 50% of women lose weight, 50% put it on or hold on to it, due to hormones.

babster Fri 26-Nov-04 17:48:10

No! I ended up skinnier than before children - had to eat loads to keep up.

Twiglett Fri 26-Nov-04 17:50:28

see I lost weight with DS

but am staying fat with DD (joined SW last week though)

tamula Fri 26-Nov-04 17:54:43

As far as I am aware, I have been working in childcare for many years as well as currently a student midwife on a year out to have my baby!

Breast feeding is supposed to increase the loss of weight due to the faster metabolism employed by your body whilst nursing your baby.

wordgirl Fri 26-Nov-04 17:56:09

I didn't lose any when bf but joined Weightwatchers when I had stopped and lost 9lb in the first week (without trying very hard)!

Twiglett Fri 26-Nov-04 17:57:19

Tamula .. with the greatest of respect


as my a$$ will currently attest to

tamula Fri 26-Nov-04 17:59:44

so delicately put twiggy, with a name like that your arse should at least be the size of kylie's, not your namesake then?

Twiglett Fri 26-Nov-04 18:01:25

marmite flavoured snack more like (but the correct spelling was taken)

aloha Fri 26-Nov-04 18:01:44

I stayed fat. And stayed fat! Breastfeeding is by no means a sure fire weight loss cure for all women - some women's metabolisms can adapt to it by slowing down quite dramatically so the extra calories used up don't make any difference - sadly. This does NOT mean that you lose it easily afterwards either. I am living proof of this. Sorry Twiglett. You may well be totally different to me.

tamula Fri 26-Nov-04 18:03:09

bottom line - both as thin as you like. I'm guessing you'd like.

Twiglett Fri 26-Nov-04 18:04:41

don't want to be thin TBH, wouldn't suit me .. I'd just like to get my curves back (or at least lessen the curves I currently have and fit back into my clothes )

aloha Fri 26-Nov-04 18:09:17

New clothes, Twiglett. That's the answer. I never got back into mine and some of them are still in my wardrobe, mothy and out of fashion, silently rebuking me...

Bagpuss30 Fri 26-Nov-04 18:18:31

Same as Aloha for me and now I'm on to pg no 3 I'm already dreading the aftermath of the whole experience .

Bagpuss30 Fri 26-Nov-04 18:19:55

Oh, by the way, if you are clutching at straws, just make sure they aren't the high calorie cheese variety .

Tinker Fri 26-Nov-04 18:23:22

I ended up skinnier than pre-child as well. Was a size 12 and had to buy size 10 jeans 2 weeks after the birth. It'll all go wrong this time though, don't worry.

aloha Fri 26-Nov-04 18:27:00

mmmm....cheese straws.....

Twiglett Fri 26-Nov-04 18:48:56

beware the preggers woman ..

libb Fri 26-Nov-04 19:06:02

that rumour about losing weight must be an urban myth. Immediately after DS being born I was only 4 lbs heavier than before bump - I have since piled on approx. 10lbs but have decided to wait until after Christmas to get rid. I was denied all the goodies last year and it ain't happening this year!!! I want pate, blue cheese, brie, a drink or two . . . the works. I shall assess the damage in the New Year

cellulitequeen Fri 26-Nov-04 19:30:01

I was two stone heavier after having DS. I lost a stone really quickly BF but the other stone just refused to be shifted. Since stopping BF at 9 months I have lost another stone and a half. My theory is that mother nature hangs on to surplus weight in case there's a breastmilk famine.

colinsmommy Fri 26-Nov-04 19:54:48

Hmm, interesting to read all of these. I got back to pre-birth weight about 5-6 weeks after baby when breastfeeding, and I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. By 10 weeks my clothes were too big for me, and stayed that way until I stopped. Then I gained weight while eating the same until I hit my pre-pregnancy weight, which is where I am now.

Catbert Fri 26-Nov-04 20:06:08

I found it hard to lose weight whilst breastfeeding - My weight dropped and then stuck at a point which only changed when I stopped, because b/f gave me an appetite like a ravenous beast! I obsessed about eating all day long! I also couldn't stop my chocolate addiction, which I realised was turning into about 2KG of galaxy per week. Luckily I gained control of my appetite once again and am steadily shifting that last stone (only 1/2 to go! Woohoo! no, hang on - the Chocolate Season is nearly upon us... Nooooooooooooooo!)

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