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hungry baby formula - anyone find it causes tummy ache?

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booboobunny Fri 11-Jan-08 20:56:25

i have just switched to hungry baby aptamil for all my ds feeds as he is most definitely a hungry baby. i only started this week (previosuly i just ave it to him for his 7pm and 11pm feeds to help him get through the night) but he has become really cranky in the afternoons and seems (i think - it's so difficult to tell) to have a tummy ache. i've been giving him gripe water, but am wondering if this is just co-incidence of if the hungry baby is just too hard for him to digest. i spoke to my pharmacist who suggested switchin ghim back, but not sure if he was just agreeing with what i was saying rather than havin any actual knowledge. has anyone any similar experience with hb or is this just him becoming a bit colicky or poorly perhaps?
advice greatly appreciated.

Bella23 Fri 11-Jan-08 21:01:04

mine are on the hungry stuff and I found the best thing to do is to always make it with an extra ounce of water.
So for an example I make 7 oz bottles of water with 6 scoups of powder.
Seems to be gentler on the stomach and prevent constipation etc

lazycat Fri 11-Jan-08 21:24:55

i'm just trying dd on this (admittedly she hasn't taken very much!) - so far no problems. could the tummy pain be wind...?

booboobunny Fri 11-Jan-08 21:35:03

i am using colief and infacol for wind as he does have a problem with it, but up till this week he hasn't been a grizzly baby at all and now he just seems to break down in tears from being all smiley seconds before. however rather than bringing his legs up to his tum he's mdoing almost the opposite anad trying to straighten himself out all the time? it's totally out of character for him and does coincide with my switching to 100% hb formula. my first baby was totally bf so this is all new stuff to me and a bit worrying. really don't want to bother the doc with it but at times he just seems to be crying uncontrollably when he is clearly totally knackered too (previosuly he'd also been a good sleeper in the daytime).

HoorahHilda Sat 12-Jan-08 07:30:12

Hi 5 month old dt had terrible tummy pain this week I am pretty sure caused by the Aptimil Hungry milk . I had
started to give him this throughout the day rather than just at evening feed.He was so uncomfortable and kept trying to stretch himself out. I have changed back again and he is a different baby .

lulumama Sat 12-Jan-08 11:12:13

you should not dilute the formula more than it says on the tin, bella.. if your baby is constipated, then either switch back to regular formula or offer water between feeds if neccesary.. making it up with too much water affects the nutrition in each bottle. if it is too hard on your babies stomach, you should not be giving it, some babies cannot tolerate it until they are older.

booboo.. how old is your baby? hungry baby formula is casein rather than whey based and is heavier than normal formula and can give a baby tummy ache.

tiktok Sat 12-Jan-08 17:48:02

booboo - sometimes babies do react differently on different formulations. It's not a good idea to change the way you make up the bottle - absolutely not. You risk the baby getting fewer calories than he needs and over time, this could mean under-feeding. Not good.

Can't think what would be wrong with just switching him back to what he was on before....I mean, your baby was not in discomfort before the change, he now is, so why would you not just revert back??? Sorry if I am missing something!

lazycat Sat 12-Jan-08 18:14:28

think stretching right out means wind - when dd does it, it means she's often about to do a giant burp or fart! (might be wrong though - am no expert...)

choolie Sat 12-Jan-08 21:45:11

DS always stretched out when suffering with wind - does sound similar. why not just try the first milk again for a few days to see.

sehrimalik Wed 27-Jan-16 21:25:54

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