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Is Makka Pakka meant to look like a breast?

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crimplene Fri 14-Dec-07 19:04:19

I've just been watching In the Night Garden with DS 18 mo when, as soon as he saw Makka Pakka, he started asking for "Num!" and grabbing my top. Anyone else?

5goldrings4MONKEYBIRDs Fri 14-Dec-07 19:06:33

ROTFL grin

TheOldestCat Fri 14-Dec-07 20:09:08


DD claps when she sees Makka Pakka and often breaks off from a feed to applaud me, so maybe she's having the same reaction as your DS.

I think the Pinky Ponk's nose is rather nork-like, as are the drinks served onboard!

Hamishsmummy Fri 14-Dec-07 20:18:53

Hmmm, my ds wails when Makka Pakka appears hmm .....

beansprout Fri 14-Dec-07 20:20:53

I can't get past his OCD.

Had quite a heated debate with dh earlier over whether they are people in costumes (my view) or CGI images, as dh maintains. hmm

suzi2 Fri 14-Dec-07 20:38:37

I'm sure they're costumes much like tellytubbies. Isn't it weird how ITNG grows on you? Never thought of makka pakka as a boob but will look carefully when it's next on grin

TinselHockey Fri 14-Dec-07 20:39:13


ELF1981 Fri 14-Dec-07 20:45:13

I'm obsessed whether things are actors or computer so...

Igglepiggle is a blue creature similar to a teddy bear. He always carries his red blanket with him and tends to fall flat on his back when surprised. He arrives at the beginning and leaves the Night Garden at the end of each episode in a boat for which the blanket doubles as a sail. Igglepiggle has a bell in his foot, a squeak in his middle, and a rattle in his left hand. He is the only character not to sleep in the Night Garden.

Upsy Daisy is similar to a rag doll of Afro-Caribbean origin. She has her own special bed, which can move around the garden. Her catchphrases are "Upsy Daisy" and "Daisy Do!" Her hair stands on end when excited, and her skirt inflates to a tutu when she dances or pulls the ripcord on her waist. Upsy Daisy enjoys singing and has an orange megaphone on a stand.

Makka Pakka is more rounded than Igglepiggle, smaller than any of the other costumed characters, and is a creamy colour. He lives in a little cave and likes cleaning things, including the other characters and his collection of stacking stones. Makka Pakka sleeps on a stone bed, often cuddling a smooth flat stone. He travels around the Garden pushing his trolley Og-Pog. The Og-Pog carries his sponge and soap, his red trumpet, and a bellows-like apparatus called Uff-uff which he uses to dry items after cleaning them.

The three Tombliboos - Unn, Ooo, and Eee - are like dolls dressed in costumes with stripes and spots: red and green (Unn), brown and pink (Ooo), and pink and yellow (Eee). The names Unn, Ooo and Eee reflect phonetically how a young child might say the numbers One, Two, Three and the Tombliboos always appear in this order by saying their names. They live and sleep in a shared bed in the middle of a bush, in the large spaces between the branches. The Tombliboos enjoy playing the drums and keyboard, which they have in their bush home, although not with any particular musical prowess, and they also enjoy playing with their large stacking cubes. Their trousers (which fall down at random moments) are often seen hanging on the washing line outside their bush home, and they usually take them down from the line and put them on before going on an adventure. They often brush their teeth before bed.

All the above characters are played by actors in costumes.

BettySpaghetti Fri 14-Dec-07 20:46:35

hmm I always think that theres something turd-like about MaccaPacca

bunnyhunny Fri 14-Dec-07 20:47:19

I love macca pacca, but also think he is ocd - like when he stopped the ninky nook that everyone else was on, and then he washed it's face. And he sleeps with a rock. And he always has his little bike thing with some soap handy, just in case.
he is fab

beansprout Fri 14-Dec-07 20:47:55

Wikipedia!! grin

They are clearly in costumes. I think what was throwing dh was MP's size, relative to Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. He is an intelligent man, but that is not always in evidence. hmm

beansprout Fri 14-Dec-07 20:48:32

Lol at turdlike!!! grin

peachygirl Fri 14-Dec-07 20:48:52

I think a lot of it is done with green screens, allowing them to mess around with the sizes of the characters which make you think it is CGI.

Chardonnay1966 Fri 14-Dec-07 20:49:28

Hey, don't diss The Mac, he's a demi god in our house. DS2 is addicted and she's only 8 months. Altogether now... Macca Pacca Macca Pacca Miki Moki Mu....

ELF1981 Fri 14-Dec-07 20:52:04

I hated ITNG when it first started, it was just unfortunate that DD liked it. Now she likes to watch it before bed, and it is the only thing that keeps her quiet!

beansprout Fri 14-Dec-07 20:53:20

Tombliboos for me, every time.

howtheBOOKTHIEFstolechristmas Fri 14-Dec-07 20:55:15

There was an article about this (size, not nork resemblance of the characters) in one of the Sunday magazines a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently the Upsy Daisy & Iggle Piggle costumes are about 7ft high to allow for the height differences.

ELF1981 Fri 14-Dec-07 20:55:20

they are my fave too, I always sing along

Chardonnay1966 Fri 14-Dec-07 20:56:28

Yes, i'm q. partial to a tombliboo too. And I like a pontypine (but feel the parents are a bit lax sometimes - oh no, where are the children???? Lost em again).

Kathyate6mincepies Fri 14-Dec-07 21:03:26

ROFL Crimplene, what a fabulous OP.

My 12 month ds is very interested in breasts and very keen on Macca Pacca so you may be right.

beansprout Fri 14-Dec-07 21:14:42

Princess Leila bunches.

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Fri 14-Dec-07 21:14:48

ITNG is wonderful though, I must admit.
Even dp is happy when it's on. (makka pakka is his favourite s well, I wonder why........)

ELF1981 Fri 14-Dec-07 21:21:28

DH and I were talking about how if we bought DD a pressie of a ITNG teddy, it would be Makka Pakka grin

DD will gasp when he comes on and then its all "makka pakka, makka pakka, MUMMMMMMMY, makka pakka!!!!"

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Fri 14-Dec-07 21:23:04

awww, ds likes iggle piggle, he told us it was ickle pickle for age though grin
DP has got him some ITNG pj's for xmas.

MrsJohnCuSackFullOfPresents Fri 14-Dec-07 21:45:54

DD says 'Crapper Crapper' instead of MakkaPakka which makes me laugh

am very fond of ITNG myself, it's very soothing

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