Sterilising advice

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CloR86 Thu 14-Oct-21 14:36:43

Thank you both

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Paddingtonsmarmlade Thu 14-Oct-21 11:04:28

Yep shake out and assemble. I also rotate through them and didn't sterilise them much in advance ie when we got to the stage we only used 2 or 3 bottles a day I only sterilised that many rather than filling the steriliser up completely and taking days to use them.

dementedpixie Thu 14-Oct-21 10:59:11

Yes. I formula fed and used bottles all the time. Once sterilised I assembled them all and then used as required.

CloR86 Thu 14-Oct-21 10:56:19

Thank you. Do you mean that just put the milk into the drops of sterile water? (What is left after shaking).

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dementedpixie Thu 14-Oct-21 10:51:36


dementedpixie Thu 14-Oct-21 10:51:28

Shake the water put and assemble the items. The water is sterile

CloR86 Thu 14-Oct-21 10:12:24

Hi. I use a microwave steriliser for bottles and breast pump and am confused as to how I'm meant to dry things. I've read that everything needs to be completely dry to stop bacteria growing in the water droplets. I was going to buy a drying rack but then realised that leaving bottles suspended in the steriliser is essentially the same thing. The problem is that I left it (lid open) overnight and nothing is dry yet! I've also ready that using kitchen roll isn't a good idea either. How long should things take to drip dry completely? Thanks

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