Are Nuk or MAM newborn bottle teats compatible with Tommee Tippee bottles?

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Misslewis Mon 10-May-21 21:29:57

First time mum - 37 weeks and wanting to buy last few essentials ahead of little mans arrival! And wondering if either Nuk or MAM newborn bottle teats compatible with Tommee Tippee bottles??

I have the entire Tommee Tippee bottle range... but on the advice on my midwife, she suggested that I look to change the teats to either MAM or Nuk but finding some websites say conflicting brands may not be compatible?

Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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fruitsaladyummyummy Mon 10-May-21 21:34:47

No the tommee tippee teats are huge compared to MAM (don't know about NUK). You'd need to get the full mam bottles. I know you're almost due but if you join boots parenting club they often have offers on for a free mam bottle but they're normally just available in the bigger boots. My first hated tommee tippee bottles but loved mam and my second loves mam too (although never tried any other).

3JsMa Tue 11-May-21 22:10:33

MAM probably not as they have narrow base but I have a feeling that NUK Nature Sense may be very similar diameter to TT however not sure if they will fit properly (they may leak).

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