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Aargh! Why have I got mastitis twice?

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florenceuk Wed 02-Oct-02 14:04:28

Got mastitis (red, sore breast, hot and cold spells and aches) last week, and spent the morning queuing at the doctor's to get the antibiotics. Then, a day before I am due to finish the course, I have it in the other breast! DS is 10mths, so why am I getting it now? Only thing I can think of that set off the first bout was that DS stopped feeding at night for about 2 days - even then I expressed off the excess at about 10pm that day. Then maybe I favoured that breast over the last week to try and clear it up?? I have only had it once before at around 4mths. I work about 3 days a week and express once while I'm away from home, but usually DS feeds about twice in the day. Do I need to get DS checked out in case he is carrying some sort of bug???

bundle Wed 02-Oct-02 14:20:18

florenceuk sounds like you're doing all the right things but just been unlucky. I had mastitis 3 times, the last lot when dd was 10 wks and I think it was due to bad feeding technique which we then sorted out ourselves - plus not really resting enough and drinking enough fluid. I can't imagine that ds is passing this onto you, but I could be wrong. I had it in the same area each time, it was sort of congested, I think, and took ages to shift. do you have a breastfeeding counsellor at your hospital? I visited one (once everything had cleared up of course!) and she was very knowledgeable. La Leche were good too, top advice over the phone local to you.

SoupDragon Wed 02-Oct-02 15:33:58

Could there be a blocked duct?

Excerpts from The NCT website

Small lump in your breast, which is tender
Caused by
A blocked duct: something that has stopped the milk from flowing freely. This can happen if a bra is too tight, if you have sat for some hours with a seat belt across your breasts, or even if you have slept awkwardly.
What to do
Use massage and warmth to help the milk to flow and disperse the lump. Let your baby feed by positioning him or her with their lower jaw nearest to the lump if possible so that the strong action of their jaw can 'feed it away'. Feed from the sore side first. Massage and express after a feed if your breast still feels full and lumpy.

Red, inflamed areas on breasts; flu-like symptoms: aching, temperature,
weepy; full, sore breast
Caused by
Mastitis: an inflammation of the breast, which happens when breast milk leaks into breast tissue.
What to do
Go to bed and rest.
Continue to feed your baby, offering the sore side first.
Feed frequently.
Ask your midwife to recommend a painkiller.
Use warm and cold compresses to reduce swelling.
If you are worried, or don't feel better after a few hours, contact your doctor, who will probably prescribe antibiotics.

pupuce Wed 02-Oct-02 15:53:07

Does she latch on differently ??? She may not be emptying a duck ???

Willow2 Wed 02-Oct-02 21:07:22

Quack quack, couldn't agree more.

SoupDragon Wed 02-Oct-02 21:36:45

If she's feeding from a duck, no wonder there are problems! Could this be the next Brian...?

florenceuk Wed 02-Oct-02 22:10:50

LOL, something has to be funny about having mastitis twice in one week!

On a more serious note - maybe it's because DS now has two top teeth and his latch has changed? Anybody else have this happen?

mears Wed 02-Oct-02 23:10:53

Think you answered your own question by saying that you cured 1st bout by favouring one breast over the other. The lack of proper emptying could have prompted the mastitis in the other breast. I think with older babies you don'y pay enough attention to how they are fixed. Baby may have adopted a less efficient latch lately that you haven't noticed, especially with the advent of teeth. Paying attention to proper attachment should help and avoiding overfull breasts. You've just been unlucky.

florenceuk Thu 03-Oct-02 16:30:23

thanks everyone. My boobs are feeling much better - just hope we can avoid a repeat. DS is currently all over the place when we feed, wriggles, flips on and off, etc etc so it could be the latch.

melaniespeaking Tue 08-Oct-02 13:10:21

Just to say I got mastitus recently and my doctor advised me to take Yakult before morning and evening meal, to replace the good bacteria that the anti biotics gets rid off. Worth a try!!

kama Mon 07-Feb-05 08:48:14

Message withdrawn

beansprout Mon 07-Feb-05 08:55:07

Kama - you poor thing. I had it at 10 days and was shaking and shivering too, it was bloody horrible. I would simply say try and get your temperature down, drink lots and lots of fluids and when you are feeling better, speak to a b/f counsellor and get some support for the wonderful thing you are doing.

I found it very hard work at first. I was balancing a big baby on a load of cushions (c-section) and constantly wondering if I was doing it ok. Perhaps tell yourself you will get to 6 weeks and see how you feel then?

TracyK Mon 07-Feb-05 08:55:28

cabbage leaves in the bra always helped me. I think I used to get it if I wore one of my smaller bras.

kama Mon 07-Feb-05 16:44:02

Message withdrawn

NotAnOtter Sun 24-Aug-08 11:56:04

checking the archives for mastitissad

came across this thread


then 2005

then 2008!

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