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Is it bad?

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Hope54321 Wed 17-Feb-21 13:43:59

Hey guys,

Is it bad to allow a 4 week old breastfed baby to sleep for 4-5 hours at night without being being woken for a feed?

He is gaining weight and drinks every 2 hours during the day. He has lots of wet and dirty nappies.

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PositiveNegative Wed 17-Feb-21 13:47:39

Good lord no! Let them sleep! Lots of wet and dirty nappies, fontanelle ok... You may be a bit full but enjoy the rest!

shouldistop Wed 17-Feb-21 14:08:54

It's fine and normal for them to do a longer stretch for the first part of the night.
Ds2 is almost 11 weeks and will now go 8-9 hours after his bedtime feed. He started going 4-5 hours at only a couple of weeks old.

Hope54321 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:36:43

Oh yes I definitely enjoy being able to sleep a little longer.

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LittleBoPeep95 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:40:36

Its fine! My breastfed babies were all great sleepers, my second was sleeping 10pm until 5am from 4 weeks old. As long as they are thriving then let them sleep. It may not last long so enjoy it while it does smile

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 17-Feb-21 14:40:51

Sounds perfect. He’s happy and growing well, you get a chunk of sleep/rest.

Bf DD slept 12 hours a night from 6 weeks to 16 weeks. The first time she did it I freaked out and woke with baseballs attached to my chest but my supply settled in a couple of days.

ForeverBubblegum Wed 17-Feb-21 14:47:51

Sounds fine to, I stopped waking mine to feed once they had regained their birth weight. They were both more then capable of letting me know if they were hungry (or slightly peckish, or fancied some more despite being full to bursting)

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