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Formula for gassy baby?

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RWK29 Sun 14-Feb-21 18:32:05

15 weeks old...was exclusively breast fed until 12 weeks when reflux and breast refusal made us decide it was the time to formula feed.
Has always been a gassy baby - infacol made it worse but gripe water seems to help him shift it a lot easier. Is on infant Gaviscon for reflux.

Currently using Aptamil and MAM anti-colic bottles but his gas seems to be worse since we moved onto formula. The Aptamil seems to be really bubbly? 🤔 is the same true of all formulas? I’ve tried letting it settle for a while and giving it at various temperatures but nothing seems to help with the gas. Wondering if a different formula might be worth a try? 🤔

Can anyone give any suggestions?

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ReggieKrait Sun 14-Feb-21 19:33:12

It’s so difficult as most of the formulas are very similar.

We have used Kendamil first infant organic since my son was five days old (he’s 19 weeks now). It’s made from whole milk and seems a lot closer to milk than the aptamil we used with my daughter. I really like it and we won’t be changing.

They do an anti colic version too:

saffire Sun 14-Feb-21 19:46:44

Maybe try a different bottle? I found the mam ones my dd would take in too much air and be gassy, but the Timmy tippee ones were much better

RWK29 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:47:06

@ReggieKrait I’ve seen a lot of people using Kendamil 🤔 I suppose trying him on a bottle of something else is the only way to know 🤷🏻‍♀️

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RWK29 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:50:59

@saffire ohhh that’s interesting!! I had specifically gone for MAM as a lot of people had said they reduced the air intake!! Can’t hurt to try another kind though 😊 I’ll look at the TT ones 😊

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Vicky1989x Sun 14-Feb-21 20:08:31

MAM made my baby really gassy too. Some people swear by them but they never worked for my daughter! I use Nuk bottles and SMA - I found this formula the least bubbly, but can make some babies constipated.

RWK29 Sun 14-Feb-21 20:48:46

@Vicky1989x I’m glad I asked on here now!! I had never really considered the bottles as being the issue! I’ll definitely look into some others 😊 I’ve seen that mentioned a few times about SMA and constipation. We’ve just spent weeks getting his Gaviscon dosing just enough to stop his reflux but not enough to make him constipated so keen to avoid anything that could cause constipation 😓

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Akasia Sun 14-Feb-21 20:59:08

I'd try changing the bottles instead of formula to see how that goes first.

We started with Nuk, then Tommee Tippee and settled with Dr Brown's original. Nothing really worked up to that point.

Baby had really bad colic (used to cry for hours in the afternoon-evening). Ended up with a mix of Gaviscon (gave it up after a few days as it seemed to make it worse), Infacol and Colief. With Colief we opted to pre-make the bottles and keep in the fridge as per instructions. This combined with the Dr Brown bottles eventually helped. It took a little while but all got better in the end.

Always used same formula Hipp Organic.

Good luck x

saffire Sun 14-Feb-21 23:39:05

Ah yes dd was much happier with hipp organic than sma. These are the bottles that she was okay with

But when she was bigger then we switched to the old fashioned ones like this but always with the newborn teats as the fast flow was too much for her.

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